Opt For Accredited Programs From UNTHSC In The Sector Of Healthcare Services

The University of North Texas Health Science Center is essentially an institution of the graduate level. UNTHSC belongs to the edifying Institute of University of North Texas System. Several other education institutes fall under the purview of this notable University. Some of the noteworthy institutes are the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, the School of Health Professions.

The Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine or TCOM, the School of Public Health and the UNT System College of Pharmacy, are a part of UNTHSC. Sector of UNT Health practices the faculty program of TCOM and offers optimal patient care.

Can I benefit from the MHA program?

The Master of Health Administration degree is essential for preparing knowledgeable students for efficient organizational management. Such programs fundamentally rely on evidence-based and competent practices. These courses are ideal for becoming exceptional leaders and managers.

UNTHSC offers programs that help in improving overall health facilities through means of community engagement and research. MHA program is a sixty credit hour course that is specially designed for proficient aspirants. With this program, you can opt for careers in numerous fields and sectors of healthcare administration. Some of these are –

  • Managed care organizations
  • Hospitals
  • Non-profit and profit sector establishments
  • Consulting firms
  • Government agencies
  • Ambulatory and long-term care
  • Pharmaceutical and insurance companies
  • Medical group practices

What courses can I choose?

You can opt from an impressive list of educational programs and degrees.

  • Masters of Health Administration
  • Masters of Public Health
  • Doctor of Public Health Practice
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Sciences
  • Graduate Certificate in Public Health

There is also an interesting provision of dual degrees. You can combine Masters of Science in Nursing with Masters of Health. There is even an option of combining MPH degree with Masters of Science in Applied Anthropology. You can specialize in Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine and coalesce it with MPH educational program.

Can I opt for online programs?

The University offers online degree programs like Master of Public Health Professional Option. Some of the courses at Master’s level are provided in an online format, for approximately eight weeks. As an applicant, you are eligible to apply for only one subject.

What curriculum factors should I consider?

The National Center for Healthcare Leadership guides the curriculum of courses and degree programs at UNTHSC. An interesting factor is that the Master of Health Administration Programs has received CAHME accreditation. This University is a notable member and associate of the AUPHA network, as well.

The detailed curriculum comprises of dynamic and complex qualities that clearly defines the role of a health leader. Internships are a significant aspect of educational programs in this institution. With the amalgamation of integrative experience and internships, you can synthesize, incorporate and apply your knowledge in different contexts. You will be able to demonstrate your proficiency in the following sectors –

  • Organization design and process management
  • Strategic orientation
  • Analytical thinking
  • Organizational awareness
  • Management in Information Technology
  • Communication skills and accountability
  • Financial skills

In regards to Health Management and Policy programs, the MPH degree helps in attaining careers in sectors of policy analysis and development. It addresses quantitative methods, health laws and systems along with public and private sector management.

The MHA programs help you to make a career in managed care establishments and hospitals. It instills leadership and organizational qualities in you. The basic difference between MPH and MHA program lies in the aspect of career options.