University Of Missouri MHA

University of Missouri, MHA

The University of Missouri is a public research university; it is well placed in Colombia, Missouri. It was established in 1839 as the first public institution of higher education west of Mississippi river. It is one of the nation’s best universities offering a variety of degree programs. It has other campuses in Rolla, Kansas City, and St Louise. It was ranked 103rd among national universities in the 2016 US news and world report rankings. MU is one of the only six public universities in the US with a medicine school, veterinary medicine, engineering and law all located on one campus.

The MHA degree is designed for students with different educational backgrounds. It gives the student the knowledge and expertise necessary for them to function efficiently as healthcare executives. The curriculum covers areas such as health systems operations, organization theory, information management, health economics, managerial epidemiology, leadership and ethics. The main goal of the graduate program in health services administration is to help the students get ready to take up professional leadership roles in the healthcare administration. It assists students develop applied knowledge in areas like clinical decision making , risk assessment and management, clinical outcome assessment, managing interdisciplinary teams and joint health systems.

If you want to become a senior manager in the developing healthcare field, then you must get a master’s degree. The MHA program usually identified using different names in different universities, is a comprehensive degree program which focuses on public policy problems or master health service administration (MHSA) which focuses on business. The well-known areas of mastery include finance, communication and marketing, policy development, outpatient service, informatics and information development.

The residential MHA requires one to have a total of 64 credit hours, which comprises 39 hours of course work, three credits earned for a needed 12-week summer internship. A three credit hour capstone group management program, and nine credit hours of professional electives. It is a requirement that students maintain a minimum 3.0, cumulative MU graduate grade point average to earn the master’s degree.  The professional elective requirement comprising of three courses, gives the MHA students a chance to concentrate in a particular area of study if they chose. The internship is made in a way that it incorporates the academic knowledge students acquire in their first year of their master’s degree with practical applications within the host site. This helps expose students to healthcare management in a real world environment.

The intern should take the opportunity to observe their mentor and also other professionals in the work environment; they must try as much as possible to use the opportunity to discuss their experiences. Some of the core skills to be worked on include: leadership, strategic decision making, project management and also team work.

The admission requirements to join the program include undergraduate GPA 3.0 during the last 60 hours of the undergraduate study, a minimum of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution. Dead line for entrance is 4th March. The health management and informatics department recruits and accepts qualified applicants regardless of race.