University of Detroit Mercy MHA

University of Detroit Mercy MHA

University of Detroit Mercy is a privately owned university. It is owned by the Roman Catholic. It’s located in Detroit, Michigan United States and sponsored not only by the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits) but also the religious sisters of mercy. It is well known because it is the largest Roman Catholic University in Michigan. Located across three campuses in Detroit, the university offers more than a hundred academic degrees and programs of study.

Masters in health administration (MHA) is a professional degree that is awarded to students who have finished studying the courses that have a close relation to health administration. Health administration covers a variety of things which include public health consulting or infrastructure and the running and overseeing of hospitals or other health care facilities. The university of Detroit mercy is constantly adjusting its curriculum in MHA, this is to be able to adapt to changing circumstance or the changes present in the healthcare field. Its aim is to prepare students to manage a patient focused organization in an ever changing and increasingly complex business.

The program accommodates both current health care professionals who desire to establish themselves as partners with business staff in the health care environment or the business professionals currently in or moving into the health care environment. The program is offered cooperatively between the college of health professions and McCauley school of nursing and the college of business administration, it provides additional studies about the health care environment, providing a stronger foundation for employment in HealthCare business setup.

It is strongly advised that healthcare professions to consider MHA, this is because healthcare practitioners need to acquire knowledge and experience beyond the clinical competence to enable them manage well at the entire price level. Currently there is a growing need for clinical credibility to be accompanied by managing and administrative skills. For good and effective management to be achieved in the healthcare environment, the health care professionals must try to understand healthcare policy and reimbursement.

The MHA program covers all aspects of managing healthcare facilities to provide high quality care and better results at a cheaper cost; this is inclusive of project management, supply management, human resources, finance etc. If you are dreaming of becoming a senior manager in the growing field of healthcare, then you have no option but to complete a master’s degree. The MHA program which is identified by different names in other university include master of public health which focuses on public policy problems.

Students interested in the MHA program must first send an application. The MHA program is open to students who have gained baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. No prior work in business is required. Admission requirements are based on undergraduate grade point average GPA, work experience, postgraduate studies, and recommendations, and GMAT (If necessary).

The materials you will be required to submit include: A university of Detroit Mercy Graduate Application form. All your official transcripts for all previous work , an official report with the scores earned in GMAT( if needed), a resume and any other information like letters of recommendations which the applicants feels are relevant to the admission final decision.