University of Colorado MHA MBA: The Dual Degree Advantage

university of colorado , denver

The University Of Colorado, Denver is one of the three schools of the University of Colorado system. It was formed in 2004 after the consolidation of the ‘University of Colorado at Denver’ and ‘University of Colorado Health Sciences Center’. There are two campus plus a strong online network for many who cannot realize their academic dreams in a residency.

The University seeks to empower its students with appropriate experience, research and knowledge base to make it big in the healthcare sector, after all the sector is the second largest employer in entire US with over 11 million jobs yearly.

Why Choose MHA MBA Course?

Introducing a completely new and dynamic concept, the University offers both MS in Health Administration as well as MBA in Health Administration. There is unique thought behind it.

  • Professionals in the health care sector who already have a MBA degree can choose the Master of Science in Health Administration for a more focused and specialized mastery in the area and in-depth study.
  • Those who are completely new in this field can meanwhile go for MBA in Health Administration. They get initiated into a graduate school, earn a management degree as well as become equipped to make a strong career. Reports indicate that Senior health executives can earn as much as $200,000 or more.

It is important to mention that this entire health care administration course programs are recognized by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME). Incidentally this combination of MBA and MS in Health Administration are the only accredited programs in health administration in the entire Rocky Mountain region.

Flexible Schedule

The course is designed in a way that it can suit the needs of both professionals and a fresher. Class timings are generally in the evening as well as online thereby encouraging students to attend these classes at their convenience after their work.

If required students can even combine campus+online classes at their convenience and smaller class composition enables a much better and fruitful interaction with the instructors.

Admission Pre-requisites

Students need to have the basic undergraduate degree from an accredited institute. Apart from this:

  • GMAT scores as per course specifics
  • Relevant background and work experience in the healthcare field is considered an added positive
  • English language proficiency tests for international students or those who do not have English as the native language

The website details out all course specific details and students could refer to that.