University of Central Florida MHA: A Centre For Excellence

university of central floridaThe University Of Central Florida is also commonly referred to as the UCF and is situated in Orlando, Florida. It is a member of the State University System of Florida and ranks as the second largest university in the country in terms of enrollment.

Founded around 1968 as a Technology school, Florida Tech initially, it was renamed as the University of Central Florida in 1978. Till date the University has awarded over 225,000 degrees. This includes 40,000 graduate and professional degrees. The University’s alumni strength exceeds 185,000 globally.

Why Choose The MHA Degree?

Accredited by the Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education or the CAHME, this degree broadens an individual’s grasp of the overall challenges of the health care industry and arms them with the required expertise to tackle the administrative obstacles. For many the MHA degree from the University Of Central Florida acts as the stepping stone for further academic brilliance:

  • It empowers them to analyze issues across health care sector
  • Comprehend the structure and leadership aspects of health-care organizations
  • Formulate strategic planning, financial management and organizational strategies
  • The research methods and statistics enable long lasting innovation
  • Facilitating information dissemination for trouble shooting expertise

What Are The Pre-requistes?

Here are the key requisites for qualifying for the MHA program include:

  • Course by course credential calculation GPA scores for students who have completed their bachelor’s degree in other accredited schools
  • One sealed and official transcript from previous institutions that the students might have attended
  • The mandatory GRE,GMAT and TOEFEL scores at par with class average and the yearly demands
  • Goal statement with broad mention of how the student consider the MHA program to enhance their career goals
  • Precise concurrent and crisp resume not exceeding two pages

The overall admission process is competitive and completely based based on merit of the aspirant applying.

Course Details?

The Masters in Healthcare Administration includes

  • Oral communications
  • Written compilations
  • Team work
  • Consultation episodes
  • Interaction with local health-care organizations

Though these courses are offered in the traditional classroom setting, students also have the option to take them online, depending on their convenience. However they need to take at least 7 courses in the face-to-face, class room format. The internship on course completion is mandatory.

The students are assisted by the Academic advisors in devising study plans that best suits their schedule.