University of California – Berkeley MBA In Healthcare Administration: Perfect Gateway To Prosperity

university of california - berkeleyThe Haas School Of Business at the University Of California-Berkeley is the second oldest business school in entire US. A melting pot of new ideas, knowledge exchange and innovation, it has the rare distinction of having noble laureates as part of the faculty members. Over the past 20 year, 2 of its Faculty have earned this prestigious award.

Near 2,200 undergraduate and graduate students enroll every year and the school boasts of 40,000 alumni. The core aim of the business program aims at developing new age business leaders via key defining principles of

  • Question the Status Quo
  • Confidence Without Attitude
  • Students Always
  • Beyond Yourself

Why MBA In Healthcare Administration?

The Haas School Of Business prepares leader who can nit just grasp the challenges of healthcare industry today but also are capable of providing practical solutions aimed at timely redressal.

Students who qualify for this program are recruited by a wide range of healthcare industry participants and invariably receive multiple job offers. Account managers from the Haas School help students develop and nurture relationship across the industry and use it to their advantage going forward.

Students get a very grounded and realistic learning experience which they can easily adapt to tackle real challenges.

What Is The Course Structure?

The management course has three main options:

  • Full-time: This is a 2-year degree program with 12 core courses in year 1. The course also includes discussion sessions, workshops and other extra-curricular activities. Students need about 5 years of experience.
  • Evening & Weekend: Evening & Weekend students generally have about 7 years of work experience with the overall course structure mirroring the full time format
  • Executive MBA: Students need about 12 years of working experience for this format

What Are The Pre-requisites?

There are no minimum GMAT or GRE scores applicable for admission to the University Of California- Berkely. The average class score is the best benchmark. The performance in the quantitative section indicates mathematical proficiency while analytical writing is also assessed from GRE and GMAT.

TOEFEL score of 570 or IELTS score of 7 is acceptable for considering admission in the Haas School of Business.

The current resume, letters of recommendation and other tests are outlined on the University’s website.