Top 70 Physician blogs to Help You Stay Informed About Healthcare

top-physician-blogsConsidering the number of blogs on the internet, searching for the right one can be time-consuming. It can be extremely important to be able to find a list of relevant and informative blogs about physicians on one place.

Here you can find 70 physician blogs ranked by blog ranking methodology. There are certain criteria for building this list of blogs:

  1. Visibility – this is related to comparison to other blogs on the internet.
  2. Engagement – this criterion is measured by the number of shares, likes and comments on the blog.
  3. Relevance – this is a score of the usage of the certain words in the entire blog’s corpus.
  4. Overall Ranking – you get the overall ranking by blending the mentioned criteria.

Either you are a medical doctor or a patient that needs information about healthcare and other health-related topics, check the blogs listed below:

CNN’s blog health, wellness and medical unit gives you a quick advice on how to take good care of both yourself and your loved ones. Multiple award-winning health experts, CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen, as well as the CNN Medical Unit producers, report about the latest medical trends and measurements you have to take in order to protect your children and the people you live with. These health experts will also answer your questions in the A&Q section on the blog.

The New England Journal of Medicine blog is an educational blog that publishes the medical research papers. This blog is convenient for both doctors and physicians-in-training whether they need to find the latest relevant information or just need a place to discuss about the newest medical treatments or the ideas on how to improve healthcare and other important topics related to medicine. Here you can also find the NEJM iPhone applications and a weekly summary of The Resident E-Bulletin.

Doximity is a professional network for experts within healthcare system. This blog is focused on caring for clinicians, because the patients will benefit when the doctors work better. Physicians, nurses and other medical staff use Doximity to connect with other health workers in a fast and easy way. You can visit their job page and apply to join their hard-working team of healthcare professionals.

Andrew Weil, M.D. gives you advice on how to live a happy and healthy life while gardening, exercising and eating healthy food. This blog offers you tasty and healthy kitchen recipes. There are two interesting article categories: Vitamin Library and Q&A Library on various topics such as allergy, aging, herbs, meditation, diets etc. Dr. Weil’s articles will tell you on how to not only dream about a stress-free life, but also live one with your family.

Presented by a team of health professionals, The ModernMedicine Network offers various webinars on ophthalmology, optometry, dermatology and medical economics. As a part of UBM Medica, the leading medical publisher in the USA, The ModernMedicine Network is dedicated to offering relevant news, tools and educational material to physicians. If you are in a search of a job or you want to offer one, there is a page you can check out in order to either post or find a job.

This blog is a great source of the medical news and research related to controversies in medicine and science. You can read about homeopathy, infectious diseases, cancer cures, vaccines and autism, acupuncture, placebo and other various topics. The blog’s editors and contributors are physicians and other health professionals: Steven Novella, founder and executive director, and David H. Gorski, managing editor. 

This blog focuses on creating a better life for both people and animals. With more than 12,000 physicians, dietitians and scientists, The Physicians Committee is dedicated to help people to maintain healthy life. They use different nutrition programs; try to prevent the chronic diseases. One of their goals is to find an alternative which would stop the use of animals in medical research and education.  They also welcome volunteers.

GomerBlog is a website where you can read some satirical articles written by two doctors. Some of their specialties are pathology, surgery, pharmacy, radiology etc. In order to get quick access to their articles, you can download the Gomerblog app. An interesting part of this blog is the Gomerpedia – The Medical Encyclopedia.

MSF, Nobel Peace Prize winner, stands for Médecins Sans Frontières or Doctors Without Borders. Founded in Paris, this humanitarian organization works internationally and it mostly helps people that are caught in crisis and are poor. Here you can find articles written both by patients and by medical professionals that work around the world (you can read about their daily lives).

This blog connects doctors across the globe and informs them about the latest and important medical content. The doctors support each other from the countries they live in. SERMO is a medical community that has more than 550,000 members who represent over 90 medical specialties and subspecialties. Their mission is revolutionizing real-world medicine. SERMO invites every physician that has medical ideas to share them freely with the rest of the community.

In order to get access to Physician Practice blog’s content, and to read the latest news or get advice and tips from medical doctors, you are asked to register. Health experts involved in creating content for this blog will provide you with relevant information about the daily medical practice. There are downloadable physicians practice articles which are attainable by free membership.

The Doctor Weighs In is a blog that covers all aspects of health and healthcare. You can read articles related to medical care that will inform you about your bone health, allergies, medical research and clinical medicine, or articles on health technology that can give you info about smartphones and your health, nutrition and that can help you choose between good and bad apps.

This blog was built to address the problem with the lack of access to medical doctors in the US. The medical team consists of physicians and investors that have the same mission – to provide fast access to the best US doctors, especially to the people with the mental health problems.  The patients are able to visit a doctor or a psychologist using Video Visits.

The author of the NeuroLogica Blog is Steven Novella, MD, an academic clinical neurologist. This blog is about the issues in neuroscience, but it also covers topics related to general science, critical thinking, scientific skepticism and the thoughts about the science and society junction. This blogs also provides you with the links to downloadable e-books and courses completed by Dr. Novella.

This blog is about myths, misconduct, frauds related to health. Besides these topics, you can read articles on how to distinguish a science from pseudoscience, or read a word about placebo effect, allergies etc. On this blog you can also find links to hundred sites that are about health, especially about autism, chiropractic and topics not related to healthcare such as government sanctions, licensing board actions and many more.

The author of this blog discusses the issues about medicine, early retirement and personal finance and he also writes about medical practices. The purpose of this blog is to both educate and entertain physicians and the readers that are not medical experts. It is also able to donate a certain amount of money which will later be used to fund various charitable organizations.

This is a Physician Business Adviser blog that gives information about physician salary models, or on how to improve population’s health and healthcare system and how to eliminate falls that can injure a person. This blogs provides links to their other social media profiles.

On this blog Pamela Wible MD shares her thoughts on the ideal medical care, relationships between patients and doctors, physician abuse and bullying. One of the blog’s topic is a suicide committed both by doctors and medical students.

The Happy MD’s mission is to revolutionize healthcare’s quality by effectiveness of the medical professionals and to create a better medical practice. It is important to improve patients’ experience in the healthcare, and to improve the health of the entire population (including doctors and other medical staff). They offer physician coaching services and Burnout Proof mobile app.

Bytebloc Software blog is a blog about the software you can use to easily organize your time and your medical practice. They provide tips on how to use scheduling software since it is a virtual assistant that can solve problems related to keeping track of schedules, especially if you have multiple offices.

This is a blog that states it is for entertainment purposes only. Dr Grumpy posts about the insanity of his medical practice and the posts are either his medical experience or are completely fictional.

This blog is another website of Dr. Grumpy. You cannot contact this doctor if you need advice on some medical issues, but you can e-mail him if you need an article written (either its humorous or medical).

Dr. Zubin Damania, known under the pseudonym ZDoggMD, an internist and the founder of an innovative healthcare startup known as Turntable Health, wants to inspire change in the medical industry. The blog author is a healthcare speaker that also produces the award-winning medical rap videos that both entertain and educate people.

PHR (aka Physicians for Human Rights) uses medicine to try to stop severe human rights violations. PHR tries to stop genocide, wars and their experts are scientists, physicians and other health experts. They believe that the role of forensic science is essential when it comes to providing evidence for criminal investigations. You can get information about mass atrocities, torture, chemical weapons and other topics related to human rights violations on this blog.

North Carolina Medical Society is an organization that has more than 12,000 medical and science professionals on the same place with the same goal which is to protect quality healthcare to North Carolinian patients and to unite, serve and represent the interests of the physicians. This blog will inform you on how to promote wellness of doctors and how to improve healthcare experience of patients. It also promotes physician leadership on the entire healthcare system.

The Foodie Physician is a blog about the healthy and nutritious recipes and about the health benefits of a specific ingredient. Dr. Sonali Ruder, a physician and the author of the blog, gives tips on health, nutrition and answer the questions related to cooking or health.

Here you can read articles on how social media invigorates medical conferences and both physicians and patients can get various advice. The blog is run by Zocdoc.

This is a blog that was created to solve problems many patients may face starting with an online appointments. They offer you online waiting room forms and an easy access to the physicians’ open appointment times so you can make an appointment instantly on this blog.

33 Charts is a blog about Dr. Bryan Vartabedian’s evolving ideas and a virtual place where he analyses medicine. He shares his experience with patients, his medical practice, and most of all, the tension he has experienced as a full-time clinician. You can find informational articles on this blog as well as educational articles.

This is an interesting blog about the mothers in medicine. The authors behind this website are the women that are both mothers and medical doctors. They write about these two professions that are both quite demanding (both medical practice and parenting) and about the challenges they face as the physician mothers.

Pallimed is a blog about palliative care and hospice medicine. The effort that physicians and medical staff on this blog put into the posted articles is voluntary. These people love their profession and try to make patients happy and to educate them by providing them with relevant medical news.

The person behind this blog is Dr. Robert M. Centor, an academic general internist that also serves as the Regional Dean for the Huntsville Regional Medical Campus of UASOM. Dr. Robert Centor invites the readers to interact on his blog and comment whether they agree or disagree with his thoughts. You can read about the drugs, obesity problems, euthanasia and the need for improvements of the healthcare system.

Gruntdoc is an emergency medicine doctor that shares his thoughts about nurses, drugs, manias, malaria and other health-related topics. He invites us to join discussion in the comments.

This blog is run by Dr. Westby G. Fisher, who is certified internist, cardiologist and cardiac electrophysiologist. You can both read his articles or watch videos posted on this blog.

AAPP stands for American Academy of Private Physicians and it is a non-profit organization that wants to support the medical practice’s growth and to provide the best healthcare. Medical care should be more accessible, the bond between the patients and their doctors should be strengthened and the price every patient has to pay to get medical care should be reduced. They also invite people to become members so they could expand their association.

This blog informs you on how to be healthy and enjoy life. There are helpful tips on diet, articles with recipes for insomniacs’ snacks, cookies that won’t get you fat, and gluten-free diets. Herbal medicine articles and recipes will help support your immune system as some plants can be used as a sedative.

This blog gives you information and insight about nephrology. These doctors give an excellent care, they encourage their patients. They have also improved the billing system and there is Acumen Mobile Charge Capture, a mobile app that helps users to automatically calculate physicians’ notes for the biller and send charges back to the billing system.

PA Journey author is a physician assistant student that wants to share the advice and experience. There are articles on both didactic and clinical year, articles on how to survive PA school and the stress that comes with both school and working as a physician assistant.

The Financial Physician is a blog by Louis Scatigna, a financial expert. There are articles on stock, wealth confiscation, Mr. Scatigna states that it is important to be financial literate and responsible about our financial situation. The Financial Physician will give you insight on how to cure your money problems.

Dr. Grady enjoys teaching, learning and caring. These three words lead to a balanced life so she wants to share her reflections with the readers.

As a non-profit health organization, Health Commentary explores human potential in order to inform students about patients’ health; it’s a project that allows them to explore the making of scientific material and to popularize healthcare throughout the web, so every American can share their thoughts on their medical care.

ACPA is a blog of the members of American College of Physician Advisors. You can search for a job or post one here. The idea of this blog is to inform physicians on how to help their patients, how to be an excellent medical professional that is dedicated to his patients and on how to reduce medical errors that can cause deaths of many people.

Dr. Leonard Glass founded an online educational program that later was named Physician Retraining & Reentry. The idea of this project is to solve problem concerning the shortage of trained physicians in the US. The program is presented in collaboration with UC San Diego School of Medicine faculty. The people behind this program are clinical experts in different medical areas.

This blog implies that being well informed is important if a person wants to stay healthy. You can read about the latest medical news or get a daily guidance on how we can be our own great resource of health. Sunrise Medical Group is a group of physicians and medical specialists on sleep medicine, MRI, pulmonology and neurology and they will inform you on how to maintain your healthier self.

This is a neurostimulating blog, a Dutch psychiatrist’s personal blog. Dr. Walter van der Broek’s specialty is the treatment of depression and he is interested in development of neurostimulation’s new forms. Besides reading about his work in neuroscience, you can read articles about chocolate, games, internet etc.

Doc Gurley, an internist physician, offers you posts from, as the description says, an insane healthcare system. Some articles are the research of drug rehab, genetics, and some are the posts on public health and public policy and other healthcare topics.

Disrupted Physician is a physician wellness movement about those that were abused by PHP (aka professional health programs). The PHPs were made to help physicians that developed problems with addictions and drug, alcohol and chemicals abuse. You can complete a confidential survey on PHP and donate money.

Dr. Deep Ramachandran, a pulmonary and sleep medicine physician, sees the healthcare system as a playground. He criticizes healthcare in an entertaining, funny way that can be seen as an escape from a stressful medical care profession and the effect it has on a physician’s life.

Here you can read articles written by several authors. This blog is about depression and happiness, weight loss problems; the articles answer the questions on how to span business, stay healthy and happy, how to relax and reduce stress. The blog authors invites you to join in sharing opinions in the comment section.

Since every medical expert’s knowledge has to be up to date, Dr. Jyothi Sarma designed his blog in order to help practicing physicians and medical students and to talk about philosophical literature. She believes that doctors need to handle different stressful situations like birth, death, grief etc. and philosophy can help in those situations.

This is a blog of Sisselman Medical Group. Physician services they offer are physical examinations, testing of the patients’ vision, hearing, allergies and general health, Botox fillers etc. There is an urgent healthcare specialist available upon the request as well as a family doctor that gives shots, does allergy and stress tests so you don’t have to run from one doctor to another.

This blog is about hospice and palliative care. The author of this blog is a medical director of hospice that visits approximately 30–40 patients in their homes monthly. Hospice Physician wants to share his experience with the readers and vent the emotional stress caused by medical profession.

This blog was created by Kim McAllister, a nurse. She has been working in the medical area for more than 30 years. Her experience is predominantly critical care and emergency.

Dr. Mintz is an intern physician that started a blog to be able to communicate with his patients. Besides caring for his patients, he is also an associate professor of medicine at East Coast’s academic medical center where he teaches medical students. Dr. Mintz writes about his perspective on latest medical news.

EM Physician’s blog presents a view from the ER backstage. You can get information about why are doctors’ bills high and read about improvements of healthcare problems, or which medical specialty can be chosen and what are the author’s suggestions.

Singing Dr. Josh is a singing pediatrician that understands midnight fevers every parent goes through with their children because he has four of them. He will inform you about the newborn care, prevention, nutrition; he will also give a random pediatric advice and other different relevant information about a child’s healthcare.

This blog recommends good reads about the litigation process, some practical guides and books for doctors who have been sued. You can read about medical malpractice lawsuit, or how to prepare for the litigation, when to get a professional consultant and most of all and where can we get a help from a physician.

This blog is a National Conference created to bring together academics, clinicians and students and trainees that research in the fields of humanities and social sciences such as medical history, health economics, health policy etc.

Concorde is a founding member of both National Association of Physicians Recruiters and National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations. They are dedicated to doing medical business in an honest way and to invite practitioners and physicians to join their trustworthy firm. On this blog you can read testimonies and stories physicians share with Concorde.

This blog is about a psychiatrist’s interests and thoughts. Since the blog’s author has a wide range of interests such as photography, music, travels, he has to offer the articles on various topics like music, physicians, words from the urban dictionary, death, life, mental health and many other topics.

On this blog Doctor Pundit writes about health policy and other relevant topics like politics and popular culture. You can read about presidential elections, music, celebrities’ deaths, medical treatments, studies related to Alzheimer’s, cancer and many more.

Sandra Rangel is a health coach and health educator, but most of all, she is a cancer survivor. She pays a lot of attention to nutrition in maintaining health and studies its influence in the development on cancer. She is dedicated to help people to prevent illness such as cancer by trying different methods of medicine. Patients can be cured by accepting a healthy life-style and by eating organic food. On her blog you can also read about health of your heart.

Doctor Gwenn’s blog speaks about understanding the old people and healthcare for them. Also, on this blog you can find videos that show what it’s like to age in Australia and how to help the old people in doing daily routine. There is a video in which doctors that specialize in different medical areas offer advice to medical students.

The Jobbing Doctor speaks about the General Medical Council and the issues related to professional misconduct and ignoring relevant problems while pursuing the irrelevant ones.

The mission of the Obesity Society is to find a cure for obesity, to educate people and act to prevent and treat obesity in order to improve patients’ lives. This society values compassion, responsibility, respect and it has the highest ethical standards. You can also attend webinars on obesity.

This is the physician disability insurance legal blog designed for doctors who had insurance issues related to either paying benefits or denial of the disability insurance claims. You can visit disability insurance attorney and you can get information about the company that owns this blog. This blog also offers articles about insurance news and some of the success stories in medicine.

Kartini Clinic is about a clinic for both children and the families. This blog’s priority is about eating disorder and treatments for it. You can choose from the articles on how to exercise, how to recover mental strength after an eating disorder or read about anorexia nervosa. You can read testimonials or even find a career within this company.

This is a blog designed by pediatrician named Deborah Z. Bain who works at Healthy Kids Pediatrics. Besides children healthcare and wellbeing, she is interested in nutrition, wellness and prevention of illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, behavior problems and ADHD. She tries to find a way to connect alternative and traditional medical treatments and to bring practical parenting to her patients’ checkups.

The author of this blog is a doctor that specializes in oncology. In order to live a relaxed life, we try to find an emotional response to everything that surrounds us. This blog is about how we should try to find intimacy within ourselves; it is the intimacy with both our desires and fears.

The team behind this blog is committed to their patients. They are a multi-disciplinary health center known as Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center. They want to provide different options and solutions to people, to give hope and to have a positive impact on their patients’ lives. Tenpenny INM’s vision is to eliminate allergies and improve the children healthcare, especially treatments related to asthma, ADHD, autism, ear infections etc.