Top 40 Health & Fitness Blogs to Promote You to Fitter, Healthier You!

health-and-fitness-blogsWith rising occurrence of illnesses, people are becoming even more desperate to acquire information that will help them on their journey to living healthier lives. Hence, we can say with surety that good, wholesome, informative health blogs are becoming more and more useful.

We have therefore attempted to list, in no particular order the Top 40 Health and Fitness Blogs, with the hope that you can zero in on the blogs that will be suit your needs. Each health blog listed below have earned the right to be mentioned by virtue of uniqueness, popularity, usefulness, and creativity.

Getting Paid

Established by Kareo, this blog has grown to be one of the leading providers of software solutions for small medical practices. If you are the owner of a medical practice, visiting this blog will provide you with simple tips on how you can improve your medical billing and practice management. From time to time guest bloggers with experience in medical practice management also share articles.

The Healthcare IT Guy

Looking for information on the latest medical and health tech innovations? Well this is the blog for you to visit. Shahid Shah, an award winning health IT and digital medical device inventor is there to offer you his perspective on these innovations. His blog is quite informative, since it not only provides the aforementioned information but the articles range from predictions of what healthcare technology will be like in the future, to advice on how to use social media in the hospital to how to improve technology in your healthcare establishment.

The Healthcare Data, Technology & Service Blog

Run by Steve Sisko, Sr. IT Project Manager- Quality Management & Direct Health Solutions at Cambia Health solutions, this blog features the insights, ideas, opinions, and ramblings about Healthcare Data, Services, and Technologies. Valid information and news  are also offered on the topics mentioned above.

Launched in 2005, this blog is has become rather popular. It is currently made up of 10 blogs containing over 9,500 articles relating to EHR, EMR, and Healthcare IT. Amazingly, these articles have been viewed 16 million times. This blog can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Curaspan Blog

Curaspan is a company that is celebrated for its ability to uncomplicated the issue of how to streamline and improve the process of discharging and transitioning patients from hospital by introducing the first ever automated solution to this issue. This website offers information about what this company is all about, news and upcoming events in healthcare, and a well stacked resource center with blogs, case studies, industry topics, videos and webinars.

Boasted as the first blog of its kind to writing about mHealth and the role it is likely to play in the healthcare ecosystem, as we are quickly moving towards the implementation of electronic records, this blog is run by Jared Reitzin, the founder & CEO of mobileStorm Inc. The information offered on this blog includes a wide assortment of articles based on technology, security, regulations, best practices and marketing.

American EHR Blog

This blog is your all you need to know guide about everything EHRs and health tech. Run by a team of top notch  contributors including doctors, the former senior VP of American College of Physicians, and the Senior Director of HIMSS. Through this blog, these highly skilled clinicians have been successful at using technology to deliver care to Americans.

Health Care Renewal

This blog is dedicated to securing the core values of healthcare by tackling the threats to them, especially those stemming from concentration and abuse of power. The articles posted on this blog strongly advocate for accountability, honesty, integrity, ethics, and transparency in leadership and governance of healthcare.


Run by David Harlow, a healthcare lawyer and consultant, who is an expert on HIPAA and other health related law issues, HealthBlawg  was designed to offer a unique perspective on legal, policy and business issues facing the healthcare community. His regular updates of interesting and informative articles are sure to be beneficial in helping you clear your uncertainties on an law related issue in healthcare.

Capture Billings- Medical Service Billings

This blog is co- run by Dr. John Farrell MD, Manny Oliverez, and Stacy White. It was designed to with the idea to help medical practices who are struggling with their medical billing. Capture billings is presently assisting quite a number physicians in different areas of specialties by providing billing services and advice in the area of practice management. This billing blog is unique since it offers advice in both billing and medical areas.

Health Business Blog

Run by David E. Williams, a healthcare business consultant and policy expert, this blog introduces new healthcare products, provides the latest news in healthcare, and offers interesting articles in areas of interest. This blogger presents information in a creative and unique way.

Action For Better Healthcare

Looking for a go- to blog for the latest insights and trends in healthcare? Then, Action For better Healthcare is the blog for you to visit. This fantastic blog is aimed at improving healthcare. What is great about this blog is the fact that it gives the readers a chance to say what they are interested in reading about and in so doing, provide what is relevant and needed by the readers.

Christina’s Considerations

Run by Christina Thielst, a hospital administrator, consultant and writer with a passion for improving healthcare, this blog is focused on continuing to improve the health of the community by offering articles based on hospitals, workplace effectiveness, health information technology, telehealth, social media and enhancing patients’ experience. She also spends a great deal of time promoting masters programs offered by various universities.

Phoenix Health Systems

Ronald L. Gue, Ph.D., President, the Phoenix Health Systems was created to promote the improvement of healthcare through better information technology, by applying the highest standards of excellence and integrity, while doing so at a reasonable cost. It is focused on helping hospitals solve their crucial challenges in: privacy and security, and population health management.

Natural Age Mum

Are you a mom who craves natural, healthy food ideas for your kids? Now this is this blog for you. Run by a mom called “Sonia,” this great blog is saturated with fantastic information she learned while trying to help her family live a more happy, healthy and holistic life. Her blogs are based on healthy, whole-food cooking for families, living eco-friendly and toxin free, natural beauty, health, remedies, cleaning and therapies, and reviews and giveaways of natural products.

Smart Eating Made simple

Written by Jane Ibbetson MS, the holder of a Master of Science Nutrition, an educator and Nutritional Counselor for high-risk families, this blog presents information on the value of eating smart and in so doing live healthier lives. She offers research that proves that plant based and whole food diet promotes better health. This book provides:  a step-by-step guide of what to eat, scientific understanding of every plant nutrients, information regarding the healing power of plants, an extensive list of evidence on disease prevention and  an abundance of plant-based recipes.

There are 2 SIDES

This blog is run by Amanda, a weightlifter and marathon runner. She uses this blog to share about her life and struggles with working out and eating right. She also uses this avenue to talk about her love for running, weightlifting and her dog. Her posts are diverse in the sense that they range from her challenges with eating right to comical captions about running and weight lifting. It’s good to find humor in your struggles.

Eat, Drink and Be Skinny

Not just a Nutrition expert, fitness enthusiast, or health advocate, Teresa, the owner of this blog is decorated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutritional Science, a Master’s in Business, and a CPT from ACE. Promising that her blog offers simple secrets to better health and more happiness, after visiting this blog you will soon discover that this blog has not failed in keeping her promise. The valuable contents on her blog provides tip that will help you to live a healthier, happier, more satisfying life. Her articles are so engaging that they arouse their readers to make breakthrough changes that led to them opt for healthier lifestyle choices.

Eighty Twenty- Life is all about balance and healthy eating

Run by Lindsay Kay Kordick MS, a registered dietitian and an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, this blog aims at promoting balance in healthy eating. Her blog provides detailed tips on how to prepare cost effective meals that are also healthy. Her fantastic recipe ideas of healthy meals and how to prepare them are sure to attract health conscious persons who are strapped for time and cash. Her theory is that if you eat healthy 80% of the time, then it is ok to indulge every once in a while (20%).

Stone Soup

Are you working with a low budget and don’t have fancy kitchen equipment and utensils? If this is you and you still have a yearning to prepare healthy cost effective meals, this is the blog to visit.

Created to enable readers to have quality resources to improve their status as healthy home cooks, this blog is funded by Jules Clancy an Australian native. This informative blog encourages readers to use the minimalist approach to cooking that providing recipes that need only a few ingredients, no of which is processed food. Her recipes also do not require the use of fancy kitchen utensils to prepare the meal.

Lazy Girl Running

The creator of this blog Laura Fountain didn’t always have positive attitude towards exercising. However, after she developed a love for running she went to to write two books about her experiences as she moved from being relatively inactive to a person who now cannot stop running. Her blog Lazy Girl Running is in the form of a tell-all diary, where she share all her experiences from her knew found hobby.

Darn Good Lemonade

Greeted with the unwelcomed diagnosis of stage IIB breast cancer on her 31st birthday, Mandi was prompted to start a blog whose title was inspired by the idea that ‘when life throws lemons at you, you might as well use them to make delicious lemonades. Mandi has courageously used this blog to document her journey in hope that it will inspire others fighting similar battles. She bravely shares her feelings, treatments, surgeries on this blog.

Bipolar Burble

Created and run by Natasha Tracy, an award-winning writer and mental health advocate, who comically describes herself as a ‘professional crazy person,’ this blog offers a variety of articles on bipolar disorder. Being bipolar herself, Natasha vividly shares her thoughts, experiences and research on bipolar disorder. She skillfully adds flavor to her every post by making them both educational and thought provoking a she tackles the hard issues that most times only spoken in fancy medical terms. She also offers tips on how to finish tasks with bipolar disorder.  

Hungry, Healthy, Happy

Run by Dannni Martin, while dealing with her own health issues relating a bad heart and being overweight, this blog was created to keep her focused as she strive towards living a healthier life style. She makes this blog rather personal by sharing her struggles and achievement in the hope that it will also inspire persons who are struggling with similar issues. There is also a recipe, fitness and travel section.

We Need to Live More

The creator of this blog is Ella Grace Denton who has been battling with an undiagnosed eating disorder and self-esteem issues. We needed to live more is a blog intended to motivate its readers to live life to the fullest. She offers also offers recipes, personal projects, experiences, and all the adventures she encounters on her quest to live a happier fuller life.

Not Your Normal Health Blog

Run by Helen Foster, a health journalist, author and bodyologist, Not Your Normal Health Blog is a blog many of her interesting discoveries. Her variety of posts includes review on items she discovered like be it a new sports bra, a soup maker and so on. She also writes about things that make her happy. Her favorite expression is “Ooooooh I just learned something new!”.

Cranky Fitness

The creator of this blog is Jan Graham, also known as ‘Crabby McSlacker’ who is a life and wellness coach and author. He uses this blog to post a wide variety of articles on a range of topics including nutrition, personal development, fitness, general health, disease prevention and ageing. He also invites guest bloggers to contribute on a wide variety of topics. This adds even more variety to his blog.

The Infertility Voice

The founder and editor-in-chief of this blog is Keiko Zoll, the leading infertility and women’s health writer. This blog was created out of her own struggles with premature ovarian failure. Her articles have resourcefully served as a means of empowerment to the many suffering patients who are looking for answers, guidance and community support. Her articles have been based on the belief that infertility is a life-altering disease, you deserve respect, dignity and compassion, your emotional experience is real and valid, all infertility stories matter: including yours, you have the right to equal access to care, family-building must be grounded in ethical care and practice, and hope is not a four-letter word.

Superchared Foods

This blog is run by Lee Holmes a mother, author, certified holistic health and wellness coach and a qualified wholesale chef from Australia. This blog is her medium of providing delicious yet easy to prepare recipes. There are creative sugar free, yeast, gluten, and wheat recipes available on this blog. Her interest elevated after being diagnosed with an energy sucking disease, fibromyalgia. She was hell bent replacing conventional medicine with medicinal foods. This creatively teaches you how to eat your way to a better diet. There is also a section dedicated to delicious lunch box ideas for kids.


Stimulated by one of Heather’s favorite book to read to her daughter, Mommypotamus is a blog in which she documents her personal journey to a healthier life through healthier eating. After suffering from dangerously low cholesterol level, Heather was forced to reexamine her low-fat diet. This birthed the idea of eating all things natural. She also shares a wide assortment of recipes on her blog.

Hello Healthy

This blog is run by a gigantic health and fitness community called ‘MyFitnessPal’, that boasts of having over 65 million users around the world. If you are aspiring to live a real healthy and well-rounded life style, this is the blog for you. With posts that vary from cardio workouts to healthy recipes, this all things healthy blog is sure to impress. Available also is a remarkable array of articles on how to reduce stress.

Maria Marlowe

Run by health coach and author, Maria Marlowe, this blog is unique in the sense that it not only helps you to lose weight but also helps you learn how to lose weight by promoting a holistic approach. He fascinating blog is designed to help you lose weight through healthy eating, while still allowing you to be confident in the skin you are in. this blog provides weekly health recipes and wellness tips. There is also a Healthy Kickstart Kit available for those needing more help in adapting to the eating clean lifestyle.

Nutritional Style

Out of the need to solve her long list of health issues including migraines, allergies, body inflammation, and miscarriages, Holli Thompson chose to leave her executive level career in high fashion. When this move failed to solve the problem, she searched deeper, only to discover that her health problems was a direct result of unhealthy eating. This blog is designed to helping you to identify the cause of your health issues and then helping you to make effective changes.

Sarah Wilson

Interested in sugar-free eating? This blog by Sarah Wilson an Australian Media personality is the place to go. Sarah is currently living with a type of autoimmune disease that affects her thyroid. She uses this blog to openly share experiences on her day to day journey with this disease. She also uses this blog to share health advice, recipes and her love for biking.

Peanut Butter Fingers

Run by exercise nut and food lover Julie Fagan, this blog is used to document her day-to-day food and fitness habits. She also includes fun articles on all things fashion, travel, and wedding. If you need help planning your next fitness workout, this is the blog for you to visit. Offering a wide variety of workout for every type of exercise, this amazing blog is very informative. It  also advices on the best Pandora Stations which will help you to find music to go with your workouts.

Precision Nutrition

Do you have a yearning to learning more about your body, your brain, and healthy eating choices? Then this is the blog for you to check out. This blog was birthed out of the idea that living a healthy lifestyle is all about making smart choice, hence the more knowledgeable you are about how to eat, how to exercise and what daily choice makes a difference. This blog also provides fun infographics and gender-specific articles on hot trending issues.

Fit Bottomed Girls

Co run by Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead, Fit Bottomed Girl is a reservoir of health- related resources for any person at any stage of their fitness journey. Their posts range from motivational articles, product reviews, creative workouts, and a wealth of ideas on how to begin your own fitness journey. These two bloggers also use this blog to share their own fitness experiences in the hope of motivating others to live fitter, healthier lives.

James Hamblin- The Atlantic

Created by James Hamblin, MD, and senior editor of The Atlantic, this blog offers candid, well-articulated responses to everyday health issues. This knowledgeable blogger never disappoints in his articles on any health related topic. Whether you are a vegan, health nut or novice, this blog is sure to have something that will spark you interest.

Get Ready Blog

Currently offering a 1-2 posts per week, the Get Ready Blog is run by the American Public Health Association. This blog is created to properly prepare persons for infectious disease and to help them avoid future health problems. Their articles range from important health policy releases to seasonal health tips.

Global Health Blog

Run by the Northwestern University in Illinois, this blog provides posts from both students and medical professionals. Articles featured are based on topics such as HIV/AIDS, global initiatives, and general public health.