Top 30 Must- Read HR BLOGs 2016

best-hr-blogsHR professionals are the backbones of all organization since they are saddled with the important duty of ensuring that the most important resources of the organization, the people, are recruited, placed and functioning effectively. There is much information available to assist HR personnel with this tedious job. Below is a list of hand-picked blogs that we feel will best suit the role of providing resources necessary to help HR professionals in executing their daily mandate. These blogs were chosen based on a combination of factors which include usefulness, popularity, frequency of blogs, and relevance.

Unbridled Talent

This blog is run by sought after speaker and business advisor, Jennifer McClure. It provides valuable resources to help you learn about: Keynote Speaking, Workshops & Training, Executive Coaching, and Strategic Consulting.

Omega HR Solutions, Inc.

This blog looks at things from a unique angle. Instead of providing resources to solve problems, it aims at providing resources to avoid having problems in the first place and in so do help you save precious time, energy, and money. Resources offered are designed to ensure that every organization regardless of its size has what is needed to manage its human resources efficiently and effectively. 

The People Equation

Run by Jennifer miller, the blog was created after watching people for a number of years. She holds the view that if you look close enough you would be amazed by what you will find out about people. This blog was designed to help you master the “people equation” in a way that “helps you figure out how to lead yourself (and others) towards career success – in a positive and respectful way.”

Blogging 4 jobs

This blog is run by Jessica Miller-Merrell, an author, HR professional, and workplace social media expert. She is offers advice on recruiting, training, and all things social media. If you need advice on what to look for when recruiting, this is the go-to blog for you as her expert advice will help you to secure the best human resource for your unique organization.


Looking for help on how to secure, train, and keep, and get the best out of the talented human resources in your firm, this is the blog for you.

By teaching managers how to build strategies and then execute through internal and external communication, campaigns, creative and technology, this blog is custom made to your unique organization.

Strategic Human Capital Management

Run by Jon Ingham, this blog is a name for HR, a decision science focused on measurement and benchmarking, and bring out the best in each worker in the organization. By closely aligning strategies with the needs of the organization, this site will work with you to develop your human capital in order to yield more output.

True Faith HR

Matthew Stollak, Associate Professor at St. Norbert College, Advisor to SNC SHRM, and Talent Advisor is the creator of this fantastic blog. His writings are a combination of expertise, humor and wit.

I/O at Work

This blog is run by Alison Mallard, Ph.D. and it aims at bridging the gap between I/O Psychology, HR Management, and Job Performance. This makes it easier for practitioners to access and stay on top of recently published research. Instead of having the organization spend long hours scanning multiple journals, I/O at Work does much of the work for you. By just spending a few minutes a week on this site, you can stay informed about new research by scrolling through new reviews posted each week

HR Schoolhouse

Run by Robin Schooling, who is on a mission to make organizations better by making HR better, this blog offers resources to transform your organization through transforming your human resources.

Her resources explore what HR does by discussing the intricacies, complexities, and absurdities. And inform, share ideas, and develop solutions. She rattles cages. She takes an audacious approach. She pushes for HR to remain relevant and  she works to make HR better.


Run by Sharlyn Lauby, this blog focuses on topics relating to the workplace, not just human resources. Most of her popular subjects deal with how to be a better supervisor and leader, employee engagement and career advice. She frequently answers readers’ questions about everything from what happens during an employee investigation to providing job references during interviews. The site is regularly updated (3-4 times a week.) 

HR Tech Central

This blog is sponsored by HRO Today service and technology. It provides regular valuable insights and news on all things technology as it relates to human resources. Managers and other workers alike find this blog rather useful.


This blog is run by Michael Wade, a partner with Sanders Wade Rodarte Consulting Inc. he is fully aware of the challenges faced by individuals at all levels of the workplace. His blog is in the business of helping organizations with sensitive management issues. It offers advice to workers in almost every area. These include corporate executives, police and fire chiefs, city managers, Army generals, professional basketball players, and entry-level employees.

Take the Interview

Run by Debby Farrington, the founder and general partner of StarVest Partners, this blog was designed to help to make the interviewing process in organizations much easier. Their unique platform enables recruiting teams to engage candidates and hiring managers in ways not possible before. Their site is built upon the ideal that better technology enables greater efficiency and better communication and that better communication results in better interviews and therefore producing better hires.


This is a holistic guide to successful HR practices. It offers resources on Global Human Resource Practices, Organizational Development, Employee Engagement and Human Capital Management. It also examines Management, Leadership and Strategic roles through which HR contributes to organizations. It is focuses on how we put our hearts and minds at work and how we can do exceptionally well by contributing in a Collaborative Team Environment. It promises that after being exposed to the resources on this blog your way of thinking about Human Resource Management will change..

HR Nasty

Looking for an uncensored evaluation of yourself? This is the blog for you. Written by a corporate insider, Mr. Nasty will tell you the things you need to know about yourself that your managers and or HR department won’t , in an effort to help you to become the very best that you can be.

lead change group

Run by Mike Henry, Sr, this group aims to prove that there are people all over the globe ready and willing to help you make a positive difference.

Mike’s articles are designed to encourage readers to give of their best and in so doing become the best that they can be. This group is one of the most socially shared leadership blogs because of the value of articles that are blogged.

Management Skills

This blog is run by Tom Foster who spends most of his time talking to business owners and managers. He not only talk to them about their business lives but also their personal lives, goals, objectives, and measuring performance, since he is of the view that all these factors influence how the manager functions. he uses this blog as an avenue to share the things he learn during these many conversations with the hope that it can help other managers as well.

The Human Resource Field Guide

This site is run by Erik Smetana and it is devoted to record is daily experiences in human resource.  Some of these recordings involve new situations, dilemmas, calamities, and so on. It was designed to help readers as a kind of how-to guide in human resource. Blogs include his thoughts, impressions, experiences, and other such ramblings from an ever evolving career.

The Searchologist

Run by Katrina Collier, an expert on sourcing social media effectively. Her articles aim at providing recruiting clarity with ease. She also provides tips and techniques that will be quite helpful to the manager, his jobs, and his company as a whole.

Your HR Buddy

this blog is run by Nisha Raghavan, who in the initial stage of her career was called ‘HR Buddy’. This blog was designed and created to evoking conversations through thought provoking questions and meaning discussions on areas of various challenges and trends that has to do with management, work, career, social media, and anything in the realm of HR.

 India HR live

This blog was specially designed tohelp HR professionals become visionaries in advancing the HR profession and help them become better change agents by looking at the big picture in their organization & the HR profession.”  It offers a Livestream broadcast every first and third Tuesday night 8 pm Indian Standard Time that features discussion with HR leaders & experts. On this show, the panel shares their insights on the challenges they faced and offer resourceful ideas on how they fixed it and transformed their HR function.

Corn on the Job

Corn on the Job features advice, opinion and wisdom for job seekers. This blog was created by Rich DeMatteo in 2009 after graduating from Villanova University with a Masters in Human Resources Development. He uses this blog as an opportunity to relate his opinions and experiences on the job with the hope that will help others who are experiencing similar situations.


This is the go- to site for today’s HR professional. The site has a team of expert writers who make valuable contributions on various topics which include: strategy, people, leadership, recruitment, and technology.

Fistful of Talent

After a company had requested his talents to design a blog, Kris Dunn used the opportunity to create his own blog “Fistful of Talent”. Kris is an all-star collection of recruiters, HR pros, managers and consultants. Working on this blog is a team of experts on all things human resources.

Josh Bersin Blog

Run by Josh Bersin, founder and Principal at Bersin by Deloitte, this blog was designed to deal with the ever-changing landscape of business-driven learning, HR and talent management. It provides a wide assortment of resources on of research-based information, development, and advisory consulting services for strategic HR, talent management, benchmarking, professional leadership development, recruiting, and training organizations.

Everyday People

This blog is run by Steve Browne, a strategic HR professional. Steve’s blog promotes the connection between human resources and people, thus reminding readers that jobs filled in every organization are filled by everyday people. His writings are often based on how to find passion in the workplace and how to harness that passion.

Women of HR:

As the name suggests, this blog is dedicated to the development of women in HR and business. Founded by seven women and one man, this site showcases writings by a number of HR experts that focus on issues that impact the lives of women.


Founded by Ben Eubanks in 2009, this blog was created out of the desire to help to make the HR profession better, one HR pro at a time. His articles covers a wide range of topics including leadership, and culture. This blogs has since gained much popularity, since it presently has over 20,000 monthly readers.


This blog was created by Neil Morrison, to recount and record his experiences working in HR for 20+ years. After his many experiences, he is convinced that we need to completely rethink the way that we approach people management, by focusing on organizational need more, rather than on our usual focus on alleged HR best practice.

The Chief Happiness Officer

Run by Alexander Kjerulf, the Chief Happiness Officer, this blog was designed to share his expertise about happiness at work. He blogs are focused mainly on the science of happiness and how to be happy both in and out of your workplace.

HR Thoughts

Written by Rakshita Dwivedi, an HR professional, this blog was created out of the need to share her views and experiences in HR. Some of the areas that she often deals with are employee wellness, HR and management.