Tia Harris Defines The Real Meaning Of A True Healthcare Administrator

 Tia Harris is a renowned healthcare administrator, working in Octapharma Plasma, Inc. Previously, she was associated with PlasmaCare, from 2004 to 2006. She did her education from Strayer University. She was invited for a thorough interview session, which can help future aspiring healthcare workers with some positive light.

Board: What are your main specialty areas?

Tia: My specialty lies in fiscal analysis and audits. Moreover, I am also experienced in corporate training session, process involvement and contract management strategies.

Board: What is your role in Octapharma Plasma?

Tia: Being a healthcare administrator in Octapharma Plasma, my main job is to management consultants and staffs in development various positive ventures, which mainly focuses towards facility operation.  This is done by managing the budget, related to multiple facilities.

Board: Whom are you working with in this center?

Tia: I am mainly associated with clinical leadership team, whose main aim is to ensure that you can avail effective and efficient operations. I am also responsible for offering overall supervision of the entire staff, with various operational aspects.

Board: We know that you were associated With PlasmaCare too. What role did you play over there?

Tia:  In PlasmaCare, my main work was to prepare annual budget after working together with department and regional heads. I was also asked to review the financial result, and discuss some changes, if needed, to highlight the future trends and needs.

A round of discussion with Tia Harris is clear to prove that healthcare administrator has loads of jobs, under her sleeves. You need to be a broad minded person and must cope up with any job facilities, which are necessary for your firm. Going further with the discussion,

Board: Did you handle any form of HR function?

Tia: Off course, yes! I was taught well to handle various types of employee related functionalities. Some of those services are hiring, interviewing and training the new employees. I was also associated with motivational and disciplinary classes, meant for the newbies, in healthcare field.

Board: What are your major contributions?

Tia: I contributed by talent by writing some form of client specified documentations, which are used for creating some new plans and procedures. I also took privileged of maintaining the growth and profitability by trading and tracking the best P&L analysis. I worked with government quality representatives, while handling any program related issues.

For being a great healthcare administrator, you are bound to work with multitalented features. You might even have to interact with some Government personnel to get your work done. Therefore, according to Tia Harris, future healthcare professionals need to be very active and flexible.

Board: What   role did you play as a HR supervisor?

Tia: When I was a HR supervisor, my main aim is to evaluate contract activities, primarily offered under Quality Improvement Organization. My work was associated with Medicaid and Medicare service.

Board: Lastly, what role did you play as laboratory supplier?

Tia: In Biolife Plasma Services, I was instructed and implemented to follow some safety programs, which can easily, resulted into 100% compliance administration. These services were mainly associated with CLIA, HIPPA and OSHA regulations.