Obtain An AUPHA Endorsed Program From Texas Southern University

A top notch educational institute, accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools is Texas Southern University. It is among the most comprehensive and largest historically Afro-American university in the United States. In this institute, you can either opt for a thesis and non-thesis educational program.

The graduate school and College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences sponsor the program of master’s degree, here. It is renowned for hosting an enlightening course on social injustice in regards to American health care.

Will the missions aid my education?

The prime mission of Texas Southern University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is to promote quality education in the sector of healthcare. This institute aids in preparation of healthcare experts belonging to several ethnic minorities along with African-Americans.

This institute helps in presenting knowledgeable professionals who can provide optimal, patient-centered facilities and care. The college is dedicated to provide the following objectives –

  • Ensuring the provision of innovative and receptive environment for learning and engaging in scholarly, research activities
  • Assessment and evaluation of various academic programs
  • Development of educational courses that are cross-disciplinary, which aids in reducing health disparities among minorities

What different programs can I select?

Various professional programs are available in the healthcare administration department of Texas Southern University.

  • Graduate, Master of Science and Ph.D. programs in Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Professional programs in Health Information Management
  • Professional Program in Health Administration
  • Master of Science in Health Care Administration

There is even a facilitation of Pre-Health Sciences and Respiratory Therapy educational courses.

How will obtaining a degree help me?

Healthcare Administration program in the notable University will prepare you for careers in diverse fields. You can choose from jobs in –

  • Private practices
  • National medical organizations
  • Regional hospitals and nursing homes
  • Rehabilitation clinics, home healthcare, and outpatient care facilities

The primary focus of edifying programs is on planning, managing and developing healthcare services and operations.

What do varied courses entail for me?

It is essential to opt for an appropriate specialism in the sector of healthcare administration. Program courses comprise of –

  • Human resources management
  • Operation in healthcare systems
  • Health law and regulations
  • Business and financial management
  • Public Relations

An important factor is that before beginning a specific Master’s program, you have to take prerequisite courses in finance and administration. Degree courses are essentially of two years. In case, if you don’t opt for writing a thesis, then you must complete educational courses in analysis and research in the second year.

Is an accredited course important for me?

A positive aspect is that the MHCA degree at TSU has been accredited and sanctioned by Association of University Programs in Health Administration. This University received undergraduate and graduate candidate membership from the AUPHA in 2005 and 2006, respectively. Program requirements comprise of full-time study for two years along with fifty-four class credit hours. This degree involves a comprehensive coursework that entails –

  • Information technology
  • Law and Bioethics
  • Policy
  • Strategic management
  • Finance
  • Cultural competency
  • Healthcare Economics
  • Human Resources
  • Labor relations

Your prime focus will be to resolve complex issues and provide enhanced healthcare conveniences for patients. This can be possible via the means of an optimally organized structure.

Receiving accreditation and official status of recognition ensures continual improvement of educational programs. It enables programs to meet the requisite practice standards.