Healthcare Administration Schools in Tennessee

Tennessee is known as a blues music hub but one thing not many people know about it is that it is actually facing a lot of difficulties in providing quality healthcare services to their residents. This, accompanied by the fact that only 2% of all the healthcare workers in the US are working in Tennessee, makes the demand for healthcare administrators in the state very high. This can be something to consider when you are looking for job opportunities in the state.

To enter the healthcare industry in Tennessee, you must first earn a degree in healthcare administration. There are several schools in the area that offer healthcare administration degrees, ranging from an Associate’s degree program all the way up to a Master’s degree. You can also choose between different degrees such as Nursing Home Administration, Hospital Administration, Public Health and Policy, and even Dental Office Management and Epidemiology.

Featured Schools in Tennessee:

The Education

The time you need to earn a degree in healthcare administration will depend on what degree you choose to take. An Associate’s degree will take more or less two years but this will only get you an entry-level position in medical facilities. A more stable degree is the Bachelor’s, where you will get to learn all the things you need to learn for a long-lasting career in healthcare.

Like all other degrees, the first few months in a healthcare degree would include general subjects such as Psychology, Sociology, Mathematics, English, and Biology, among others. After the general subjects, the basic and most common health administration subjects you would have to take include healthcare policy, healthcare ethics, accounting, law, healthcare operations and systems delivery, human resource, business practices in healthcare, and healthcare informatics, among others. Higher degrees such as Masters and Doctorate would of course include more detailed and advanced subjects focused on healthcare administration in Tennessee.

The Opportunities

The healthcare industry is one of the largest industries in the US. As mentioned above, there is a great demand for healthcare administrators in Tennessee if the state wants to cater to the healthcare needs of all their residents. In fact, the demand is so high that it is expected to jump by 19% by the year 2022. This means that there are a lot of job opportunities once you have a degree, from low-level positions to managerial ones. Unlike other industries where there is a need to lay people off, the healthcare industry is continually in need of more and more workers.

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to jobs is the salary. Those who are aspiring to become healthcare administrators would be happy to know that the average salary for this field is currently at $70,800 annually, and is still increasing.

Healthcare administration is a challenging yet rewarding career. It takes a lot of patience and the right education and training to be able to properly do the job. Enroll in a healthcare administration degree in Tennessee now to get the training you need to advance in this field.