Stacy Lee Smith Caters To Various Questions Associated With Healthcare Administrative Department

stacy lee smithStacy Lee Smith is a reliable ancillary business manager and healthcare administrator, working with Borland-Groover Clinic. Before this institution, she was associated with George S, Stefanis, and Houston Lake Medical. She passed her education from Macon State College. After much anticipation, Stacy finally agreed to share her thoughts with the newbies, in healthcare department.

Board: Please tell us something about your experience

Stacy: Being a healthcare administrator myself, I have been associated with more than 15 years to administering financial accounts and have already driven business revenues. Moreover, I have 12 years of experience in offering claim billing and coding expertise. Not to forget, I also had seven years of experience in training some future employees with front desk operational means.

Board: What are your best achievements, till date?

Stacy: I have loads of achievements in my kitty, as I have been associated with this field for more than a decade now. Till date, I have already led engaging team of 20 and more. Some of my employees are now currently working with Houston Lake medical, Borland-Groover Clinic and even ultimate Medical Academy. I was also known for holding an AS in the bBusiness administrative department and a B. Sc. in the health services administrative areas.

The above-mentioned achievements are quite minimal, as Stacy has some more under her kitty. This discussion will pave more limelight to the coding section of healthcare department.

Board: With whom are you currently working with?

Stacy: At this present moment, I am working with Borland-Groover Clinic, for nearly 3 years now. I have been now managing ancillary billing services, for a larger section of liver and digestive clinic. This team includes anesthesiologists, more than 70 physicians, SRNA and more. My services here are to deal with imaging, pathology, anesthesia and even allergy sections.

Board: What do you think is your biggest achievement while working with Borland-Groover Clinic?

Stacy: I have done various projects for this firm, but if you ask me about any particular achievement, then it would be training and coaching 19 employees on best collection and billing practices. I am proud to work closely with physician assistants and physicians. I have also been reporting to ancillary executive services, while focusing towards best practices and department billing.

When asked about her favorite part of healthcare administrative services, she smiled and told about her love towards the work. Passion and strong determination is what everyone needs to excel, in this field. Going further into the discussion,

Board: What was your role as a coding professional?

Stacy: As a coding professional, I was supposed to manage various coding aspects of active medical practice accounts. This solely contributes to the strategy and vision of future growth. Moreover, I was also asked to deal with audited and coded neurosurgery services with best operative reports.

Board: What else do you want to share about your achievement?

Stacy: I also had to manage more than 100 comp accounts of workers, for accurate reimbursement and approved procedure. Even though, coding was my favorite part, but in a broader sense, it is really a minimal segment of healthcare department.