The Top Scholarship Providers In The U.S 2016

FIRSTScholarshipSeal2016Often it so happens that despite being talented and despite the ability to qualify for a healthcare administration course, one is not able to pursue it for lack of fund or resources. While taking a student loan is an option, another alternative is opting for a scholarship or grant. Luckily in US, the healthcare services field has many scholarship alternatives and can enable you to minimize the financial load on you and yet enable you to realize your dreams.

Of course scholarship programs are different not just for different courses but also the level at which you are pursuing, be it at the undergrad level or graduate level or even for doctorates. The state, course and level all has a distinctive bearing on the overall possibilities, alternatives and what you can avail. Here is a quick and comprehensive list of all the top options available.

Scholarships For Undergraduates

First and foremost let’s take a look at what’s available at the undergraduate level:

  1. American Public Health Scholarship- Get Ready: This is a campaign that was initiated to help Americans prepare themselves and their extended communities against potential hazards and disasters. This also includes any pandemic flu, other infectious diseases and any other emergencies. The Get Ready scholarship was created essentially with this goal in mind. The idea is to spread the information and awareness amidst common people and encourage them to take up higher education, even beyond high school. The winners are selected based on the essays they wrote on the preparedness they envisage for themselves and the community to tackle the above mentioned emergencies and disasters. Every successful candidate will get $500 to further their education as well as get a 1-year free membership of APHA. This scholarship is however not available for 2016, students can apply for 2017.
  2. Arkansas Public Health Scholarships: This is a $1,000 worth Scholarship specially initiated for any student enrolled in the public health field across Arkansas. Created with the goal of facilitating higher education and awareness in the public healthcare area, interested applicants must demonstrate financial need. The key pre-requisites for aspirants include
  • GPA
  • Goals in Public Health
  • Volunteering experience in healthcare organisation
  • Letters of recommendation and reference
  • Financial need.
  1. Florida Public Health Association: This $300 scholarship is available for undergraduate students who are already working on degrees in public health programs. Though the Association clarifies that the applicant does not have to be a FPHA member, they need to be nominated by an active FPHA member. The applications sent in by interested candidates has to include
  • 1-2 page narrative on professional goals
  • Display reasons for interest in public healthcare services
  • Two original letters of recommendation and references.
  1. Campus Safety, Health and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA) Scholarship: The CSHEMA offers a scholarship worth $3,000 scholarship along with a waiver to attend the CSHEMA annual conference. This has been designed to encourage the study of environmental and occupational health, safety and other related disciplines. This program is open for all undergrad students who might have enrolled in 12 credit hours every semester/trimester or quarter. Preference is of course for those who have enrolled in for major in related department. The Awards and Recognition Committee or Scholarship Committee is the final authority and reviews all entries before selecting the final winner. However aspirants must remember that only CSHEMA members can apply for this scholarship program either individually or through the institute where that are pursuing their studies. The last date for applying for this year’s scholarships ends soon so hurry and join online.
  2. Tylenol Scholarship Program: A special funding program created for those pursuing a career in healthcare,
    close to $250,000 is awarded in the form of this scholarships every  year. Every year there are 40 winners and each one receives scholarships worth $5,000-10,000. Aspirants are free to apply for this one almost every year.
  3. NEHA/AAS Scholarships: Created by the joint effort of the National Environmental Health Association, or NEHA, and the American Academy of Sanitarians, or AAS, this is available to both undergraduate and graduate students. The final amount of these scholarships are variable but they are renewable and can therefore be used throughout several years of schooling.
  4. Rita G. Bruce Scholarship: Another public health scholarship created especially for the students of the University of South Florida’s College of Public Health, the exact amount if this scholarship varies from one year to the next.
  5. Lee Leavengood Senior Program Endowed Scholarship: Specially created for the students of the University of South Florida’s College of Public Health, the exact amount of this scholarship depends on several factors.
  6. NHSC Scholarship: The exact amount of this scholarship varies, but it covers tuition, fees and other costs. Sometimes a monthly stipend is also included. Not only does it encourage one to do their bit towards the society but also is a brilliant method to acknowledge such service.

Public Health Scholarships For Graduates

Now we train our guns on the possible alternative available for graduate courses.

  1. Association of Schools of Public Health: The ASPH or the Association of School of Public Health offers a wide range of graduate fellowships and internships through their agencies like NHTSA, CDC and EPA. The fellows receive an annual stipend anywhere between $43,000 – 52,000 depending on the exact organisation and specific course. Most fellowships are valid for a year but there are a handful which are for even two years but is dependent on the candidate’s performance in the first year.
  2. Fulbright Fogarty Awards: I am sure all of you have heard about the Fulbright-Fogarty Awards. These are offered in partnership with the Fulbright Program and the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s Fogarty International Center. Created essentially to promote the expansion of research in public health, it also supports work in clinical research, especially in areas where there is resource crunch. Any US student who is studying or pursuing graduate level program in health care field can apply for this fellowship. Only mandatory requisite for applicants is that they need to be US citizens while applying for it and must have completed their bachelor’s degree from any recognized institute. In case they are looking to carry out their fellowships outside US in the partner institutes across the world, the candidates must ensure that they must have sufficient written and verbal proficiency in the local language and can communicate with people easily to enable better execution of their research/fellowship programme.
  3. Albert Schweitzer Fellowship: One of the oldest and amongst the most prestigious funding aid programmes, this fellowship is formulated in a way that partners graduate students in facilitating healthcare services via community health organizations. This is normally conducted for a year and aims to identify and address neglected segments of healthcare activity. This program serves nearly 25,000 people annually. It comprises of several prevention, wellness and access programs that look at redressing the underlying issues in the healthcare space and address issues like healthcare inequalities, environmental concerns in the healthcare space and poverty related problems in public health. Essentially the Schweitzer Fellowship is committed to improve the health of millions of underprivileged individuals in the healthcare space. Through this partnership, the effort is to create community service modules and carry out sustainable long-term initiatives in public health care field.
  4. CDC Fellowships: Another renowned and well talked about fellowship program, this is offered by The Centers for Disease Control and it offers a variety of hands-on training programs. Additionally it also enables expanding educational opportunities through partnering with public health schools in terms of raising awareness of the needs of many deserving communities.  There are alternative available for both undergraduate and graduate students. Even aspirants who are already professionals in the healthcare sector can apply for these and gain selective area experience. All of these offer aspirants with several unique experiences across exciting public health fields. These program range anywhere between 6-12 weeks and offer public health aspirants an unique opportunity to gain expertise in their chosen field.
  5. Corris Boyd Scholars Program: Dedicated to the memory of the eminent healthcare leader who devoted his life to diversity and excellence in leadership. Only two of them are available annually and recipients get $40,000 scholarship towards tuition and other expenses at an AUPHA accredited graduate school program of choice. This scholarship is awarded in four parts through the year.
  6. David A. Winston Health Policy Scholarship: This scholarship was designed to promote high quality individuals trained in healthcare field. Ten scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate strong potential to succeed in healthcare administration. The scholarship is worth $10,000.
  7. Albert W. Dent
 Graduate Student Scholarship: Established by the Foundation of  the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), it was instituted in honor of Albert W. Dent, the first African-American Fellow of ACHE. This scholarship worth $5,000 is designed to provide financial aid to minority students pursuing a career in healthcare management at the graduate level.
  8. The Bachrach Family Scholarship for Excellence in Health Care Administration: A scholarship worth $1,000 to $5,000, students must be enrolled in a graduate program in Healthcare Administration to enrol for this one and have a current academic standing of a 3.0 GPA or better.
  9. The Elliott C. Roberts Scholarship: This $1000 scholarship is available to first and second year graduate students pursuing degrees in healthcare administration or comparable program. US citizenship is mandatory for those interested in applying for this scholarship. Not only should aspirants excel academically but they also need to project absolute financial need and overall commitment to community service to qualify for this scholarship.
  10. Bill and Mary Russell Scholarship: The Bill and Mary Russell Scholarship Fund is worth $500 and provides financial assistance for those interested in a career in the health care field.

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Well these are just a few famous scholarship programs that aspirants in the public health field could apply. Apart from these almost every state and every leading institute have several independent grants/scholarship program as well that candidates can research on. On the national level too, several public health organisations are taking major initiatives in creating avenues that can enable students gain access to various resource base to address their financial crunch.