Healthcare Administration Salary and it’s benefits!

Health care administration salary is a topic that is uncommonly discussed by its very nature. In today’s world, the field of health care has immense importance and so do everyone who is a part of the system too. The salary of health care managers or healthcare administrators are high and with these figures expected to increase, the remuneration will be plummeting! The steady and constant rise in demand through the years in the healthcare sector has created a need for healthcare managers. Healthcare administrators are needed to be exceptionally inventive at their organizations. This being a part of the job description is already an excuse for a high pay at this busy province.

HealthCare administration salary

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Yes, being a healthcare administrator can be taxing and demanding, at the same time truly rewarding. A whole contradiction in itself, healthcare administration stands out with its highlights, certainly making the job satisfactory with the rewards. In this field of health care, the salaries, especially for the health care administration, the compensation provided is considerably grand. The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conducted a survey where the four out of the six jobs made an average of more than a $100,000 astoundingly in a year! To get into details, the senior management job like the CIO, on an average was calculated to be making an average of $169,000 per annum. Going down the hierarchy scale, next come head managers. Head managers made $117,000 per year from individual departments. Going over to the general management staff, they made an averaging $102,000 a year. It is clearly visible that this field is not an option of bad choice. Even staff position in this field was found to be earning an average of $70,000 in a year! Healthcare administration, although not being a completely clinical job, still rises high to earn significant amounts for enthusiasts and rest.

Moving on to the financial side of matters, the financial officers within the hospitals have made salaries on the similar scales. One thing to keep in mind is that the average salary of a health administrator will depend on the size of the organization or the hospital. In other words, a healthcare organization containing twenty five beds will average to about $80,000 to $100,000 in a year wherein a place that can hold two hundred to three hundred beds will end up averaging about a $200,000 a year. Same holds true for larger systems of work. If you will be working at a place that can hold around more than 300 beds, you are graciously looking at an average of $300,000 to $500,000 in a year. Hospital finance as a career will result in towering salaries.

Talking about towering salaries, have you wondered about the top positions one could hold in the management field? The CEO (one of the topmost positions we will be talking about). In the year 2010, a healthcare administrator rather a CEO of a hospital in Chicago made almost an amazing $10 million dollars in a year! Another example of this would be to look a Wayne Smith. He earned nearly a staggering $21 million dollars in the same year as well. Although these are the jobs that pay at the high end and usually take time to reach this position, it is never impossible to do the same. But the most senior management positions offer an average salary of about $200,000 USD in a hospital setting. The same scenario in a children’s hospital will yield considerably more.

This is a field that is financially and emotionally rewarding. Although it takes a few degrees and programs to finally reach the top, the peace it brings takes care of all the hard work you put in studying for it earlier.