Raymond Esteves Offers The Best Tips On Core Healthcare Projects

raymond estevesWhenever the main concern lies with healthcare administrator, Raymond Esteves is the best name for you to rely upon. He is a leading administrator at KingsWood Nursing Center, and previously was associated with Penick Village. He did his education from North Carolina State Board Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators.  He was called for an interview, where he provided some magnificent information on healthcare department.

Board: What are your major plus points in healthcare administrator?

Raymond: I have been associated with the role of healthcare administrator for a long time now. My major plus points lay in the skilled management of nursing facilities, and with proven leadership capabilities. My strong communicative skills and relationship building trends are some of my other plus points.

Board:  What are your services in KingsWoord Nursing Center?

Raymond:  I have been working with KingsWoord Nursing Center for more than one year now, and managed 100 beds facilities, which need expert nursing with extended rehab services. I am working with assisted living services and with long term working facilities.

Board: You were been associated with Penick Village too, right?

Raymond: Well, yes. Before I joined KingsWoord Nursing Center, I was working with Penick Village for one year, too. There, I managed nearly 50 licensed blocks, with homecare clients of nearly 15 to 20, in continuing care retirement facilities. I made it a point to follow Medicaid and Medicare regulatory guidelines, too.

When Raymond was asked about the secret of his long term working facility, then he told about his management skill. He even advised all the aspiring students of healthcare department to hold their nerves and go with the flow, to achieve what they want in life.

Board: What other policies were you associated with?

Raymond: Other than what I have said earlier, I maintained and developed written procedures, which govern the major operations of the firm.  I was there to hold monthly meetings too with special management groups.

Board: How did you feel being a director of health services?

Raymond: It was a tedious task, but I loved it from the start till end. I was supposed to manage nursing facilities with 176 beds, all licensed. It was all related to a continuing care retirement community. I was also asked to make some Medicaid and Medicare regulatory guidelines, which are to be followed by the workers of that firm.

A chat with Raymond Esteves was a real eye opener for many. He is here to offer some promising tips to the newbies, who are willing to make a name and work for the patients, in the healthcare department. Further, he discussed,

Board: What qualities do you think that a healthcare administrator must possess?

Raymond: If anyone wants to become a reputed healthcare administrator, then he had to love his job first. Being an administrator is not an easy task, as you will be burdened with loads of responsibilities. Therefore, students must understand the importance of the firm first, and work accordingly. Their main aim is to help firm stand high in this competitive world, through their proper guidance.