Oregon Health Administration Degree: Leading Change from the Front

Gone are the days when Oregon used to be the leader in developmental and innovative healthcare initiatives. In the wake of the Affordable Healthcare Act legislation, the state is struggling like most other US states to meet the rising healthcare challenges, growing demand and unending need for quality service without break. What could however make a difference is an influx of highly motivated, well-educated healthcare administrators who could help the state take up the challenges and strengthen the sagging healthcare facilities. A degree from the local institution could no doubt add a fillip to not just your career but also the state’s prospects.

Featured Schools in Oregon:

The Major Catalysts

Strong leadership that is willing to adapt to changes in the healthcare sector and ring in innovation is important for the state to be successful in take healthcare facilities to the next level. That makes it imperative to hire more able medical administrators. As a result the job opportunities are continuously on the rise for healthcare administrators across Oregon. They get the opportunity to do meaningful work in their chosen area and take it to greater heights. This kind of competitive environment and growing need for quality service also enhances the overall objective of superior service.

Infact recent studies, data and state provided statistics indicate that not only is the job growth in Oregon in line with what is expected across the country but also the sector specific jobs growth pans out favourably for aspiring healthcare administrators. It is estimated that in the 10-year period between 2012-2022, there will be close to 20% growth in the overall opportunities in the healthcare administration sector.

Alongwith this, what’s even more cheering for aspirants is that not just the pace of jobs growth but the relative rise in the salary outlook also remains very favourably poised. On an average, according to the 2015 salary outlook, healthcare administrators in Oregon have been drawing an annual salary north of $90,000 and this figure is set to point even northwards in the years to come. The expectation is that by 2022 this figure could be well closing on to the $100,000 mark.

Therefore if you have wanted to be an efficient healthcare administrator, Oregon can be one of the best training grounds with the most perfect and superior training facilities coupled with fitting job opportunities. Not just that a degree from any of the healthcare schools that we have listed below will give you the home player’s advantage and add fillip to your career early on.