Healthcare Administration in North Dakota

Healthcare administration in North Dakota is a very demanding yet exciting field. You get to help many people and at the same time learn a lot of things while on the job. If you reside in this area and are interested in becoming a healthcare administrator, you would be happy to know that there are many schools that offer degrees and programs for these.

Featured Schools in North Dakota:

Program coverage

Healthcare administration degrees in North Dakota involves a lot more than simple healthcare. Apart from the policies and procedures of healthcare, you would also have to know about facility, financial, and human resource management, among others. Usually, you will learn about these fields from either the classroom or through actual experience.

More often than not, healthcare administration programs start with Human Resources, Health Systems Administration, and Healthcare Ethics, and other basic courses. These provide the foundations of the healthcare system and would help students understand the more advanced courses more easily. These more advanced courses include subjects like Population Health and Managerial Epidemiology, Organizational Development, Healthcare Financial Management, and Professional Development in Healthcare, among others. In these advanced courses, you will most likely be able to get real healthcare experience.

Healthcare Administration Degrees

What kind of degree you should take would depend on what kind of work or position you want. If you are happy in a low- or mid-level position, you can always stop with a bachelor’s degree. You can even take up certification courses if you don’t have the resources to get into a bachelor’s degree. However, most high-level healthcare administration positions would require a master’s degree. If you are more interested in the business aspect of healthcare, you can even take up an MBA that focuses on Health Care or a Master of Public Administration that specializes in healthcare administration.

A bachelor’s degree usually lasts for 4 years if you take the courses full time but certification degrees can be done online in a span of less than a year. The MBA with a focus on healthcare can be taken up online or offline while the Master of Public Administration with a specialization in healthcare administration can only be taken up online.

What’s Next?

The population density in North Dakota is around 10% more than the national average. This means that there are more people to take care of and serve. There is also currently very few healthcare administrators working in the state, so job growth for the profession can increase to up to 23% from 2012 to 2022, just in North Dakota. This is a huge increase, which means that there will be no job scarcities in this field in the near future. To make things better, statistics show that a healthcare manager in North Dakota can earn up to $75,000 per year.

So if you are living in North Dakota and are interested in helping and serving others, the healthcare profession is probably for you. Not only will you earn lots of experience from this profession but you can also earn a satisfactory amount of money.