Healthcare Administration Degree In North Carolina: An Excellent Opportunity

North Carolina is among those US states that provide excellent opportunity for potential healthcare administrators. Not only does it provide a relatively lucrative job opportunities but also a local degree from the state can go a long way in helping students get better placement and future job opportunities.

Overall North Carolina boats of nearly 14 schools that provide premium health administration degrees. This also includes two that are accredited by the CAHME or the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education. Students have the option of choosing between graduate, undergraduate and PhD programmes in healthcare administration depending on their overall requirements.

Featured Schools in North Carolina:

The Big Advantage

Perhaps one of the key reasons why you would choose to opt for a course in North Carolina is the changing and lucrative healthcare legislations. The new laws require institutions to make healthcare more affordable and far easily accessible than they have been thus far. Additionally the need for more evidence-based healthcare also meant that more healthcare institutions were required and their proper functioning was only possible with the help of efficient healthcare administrators. Therefore the opportunities for anyone interested in this field are on the rise and job prospects in the state are improving.

Infact as per some recent studies, the overall rate of jobs growth for healthcare administrators in the state is seen close to 26% by 2022. This 25% plus growth number is not just stupendous for the state vis a vis the job growth rate in other professions but even in the national level it is quite eye-popping. The national average for the rate of job growth for medical administrators is sub 20%. In that comparison the 26% figure screams opportunity and better career very very loudly. A competitive environment also means the quality of jobs offered and overall development of individuals handling the myriad responsibilities of a medical administrator will be relatively better.

Alongwith the north-ward surge in jobs growth, the salary outlook for medical administrators in North Carolina is equally appealing. Recent studies indicate the mean salary in 2015 was close to $93,000 and set to surge higher, even cross the $100,000 mark by 2022. It is needless to mention that this number is significantly higher than the national average salary in the same period, almost a 30% higher billing rate for healthcare administrators in the state.

So all you need to do is choose any of the courses offered by the following schools listed and get set for a challenging and satisfying career as healthcare administrator in North Carolina.