Nancy Martin Is Here With Some Fascinating Healthcare Tips

nancy martinNancy Martin is a reputed healthcare administrator, who is currently working at USAF. She was previously associated with United States Air Force and passed out her education from Ashford University. She was invited for a round of interview, to help future health care administrators to understand the importance of health care field and how to excel, in the same segment.

Board: What is your specialty while working in healthcare department?

Nancy: My main aim is extensive leadership and some of my great team building skills. These two aspects made me a skillful and successful management, to handle some of the best healthcare related administrative jobs. With more than 25 years of experience, in the Active Duty Air Force, I am already acquainted with the tips and tricks of administrative jobs.

 Board: What are your job profiles?

Nancy: As I have been associated with this segment of healthcare administrative for more than a decade now, therefore; I have worked with various departments. I was associated with Air Force Surgeon office, hospitals, and several other clinics. Moreover, I have been acquainted with various air force organizations, too, in both overseas and stateside locations.

Talking with Nancy Martin made us feel how important it is to become a flexible worker while handling healthcare administrative services. You might even have to travel the world and know various perspectives, as working functions are likely to change from one platform to another.

Board: What role are you playing in ISAF?

Nancy: I am appointed as a healthcare administrator in USAF from October 2009 till present.  Here, I am trained to not just administer, but also to oversee the performance of the available managed care support contractor. I was assigned to the 20th medical group, which in itself, is a big achievement.

Board: What role did you play while you were associated with United States Air Force?

Nancy: Being a part of United States Air Force is nothing short than a dream comes true, for many, and I also follow the same league. I worked with this segment for 28 years and have been transferred to various locations, by the team. My main job profile was of an Active Duty healthcare administrator for the Air Force Department.

The field of healthcare administrative deals with loads of experience, and if you can stick to a platform, it paves you good.  Nancy Martin is a clear example of one such experienced personality, who has been associated with Air Force department for 28 years, which is quite amazing!

Board: How was your experience as a senior enlisted advisor?

Nancy: Well, the feel was quite good and given a second chance, I would like to play the same role, again. I was a senior enlisted advisor to the medical group commander. I used to work with more than 300 active civilian, and contract employees, accordingly.

Board: What do you have to say to the aspiring students?

Nancy: You need to love healthcare department to act as a great leader. Good passion for work and strong determination can lead you to success, in no time.