Masters Degree in Public Health

There are numerous career paths you can choose from in the area of public health. Graduates in public health promote healthcare that improves the quality of people’s lives. Improving the quality of life means longer life expectancy.

In order to apply for a Master’s in Public Health program, you must have an undergraduate degree. You can either be a medical doctor or a bachelor in public health.

List of Best MPH Degree Programs, USA:

What Are the Ways to Pay for a Master’s Degree in Public Health?

  • Find and apply for a scholarship

Studying on-campus is great because you will meet other students and attend practical activities, lectures and classes. Nowadays, many students cannot pay the cost of college. Scholarships are a great way to pay the cost of studying if you want to get the traditional education.

There are two types of scholarships, one that covers a part of the cost and the second that covers the entire cost. Before planning and preparing documents needed for a scholarship application, a student should first research and find all the relevant information about it. Since there are some requirements to be fulfilled in order to get a scholarship, you need to check if you are eligible to get one.

You can always get information in the financial office at a college, state grant agencies or at college counselor’s office.

  • Online studying program

Many colleges and universities offer online studying programs and these programs give the equal learning opportunities for every student. Online studying allows students to work and learn simultaneously. Since some colleges don’t offer online lectures, you should first check if a program you are interested in is available as off-campus learning.

Online study programs are flexible; they offer live streamed classes, online classrooms and some offer classes you can watch later.

The online studying was designed in order to fit the needs of both working students and students that live in other countries. It is also a great way of obtaining a degree if you cannot get a student visa.

What a Training Program Looks Like?

Depending on a program you choose, different colleges and universities offer different training and classes.

Since people that are employed in public health sector work on preventing disease and promoting healthy life, you can gain practical knowledge by researching in a laboratory as well as working closely with public. Some universities provide different simulations and demonstrations and even offer a practice in hospitals.

Besides gaining a practical knowledge, this kind of training will certainly help you develop skills much needed for a public health worker such as analytical skills, statistics, research-related skills etc.

Keep in mind that most of the lectures will focus on theory and you will gain practical knowledge and experience after your graduation. Also, don’t forget to take courses in communication, leadership, public speaking and other.

What Kind of a Job Will You Be Able to Get After You Graduate?

Be sure that there are countless employment opportunities after you obtain a master’s degree. Some of the employment possibilities are:
  • Assistant Public Health Professor – This is a great way to stay in the educational sector if you enjoy teaching others. Besides educating students, you will continue educating yourself through research.
  • Health Administrator – This role includes coordinating the administration in healthcare institutions such as clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities. Similar job would be a Hospital Administrator.
  • Medical Writer – This job is perfect to those who enjoy writing. The duties of this job would be to write various texts on medical topics.
  • Assistant Professor Epidemiology – This is a job in the area of education. You will educate undergraduate students on epidemiology.
  • Health Educator – Working as a health educator gives you a chance to educate your community. Communication with people is essential when it comes to improving public health. Similar role would be a Lecturer Public Health that delivers readings and presentations to people.
  • Chronic Disease Management Coordinator – Your responsibility on this job would be to lead a team in a healthcare institution that specializes in chronic illness.
  • Public Health Lab Scientist – This is an interesting work position to those that think a laboratory is a work environment that would suit them best. Duties of a public health lab scientist would be to perform tests on different samples, to develop new test methods and write lab reports.
  • Public Health School Dean – There are schools in public health and this is a job perfect for those that like to lead, dictate and coordinate.
  • Chief Medical Officer – This is an employment within healthcare institution. Duties of medical officers are to oversee the medical staff. This role is similar to a role of health administrators.

As we have said above, there are many career paths a graduate in public health can follow; you can be a leader of a healthcare school, a person that will work on lifesaving vaccines, an educator or even an employee of the Ministry of Public Health.