Healthcare Administration In Mississippi: Rising To Challenges

Some of the southern states of America may come across as idyllic destinations and extremely scenic locations but the fact is most of these places are quite remote and the rural setting can at times be a great hindrance towards getting quality medical facilities. If you envisage yourself as a change maker and want to bring about material long-term changes in people’s lives through your service as a medical administrator then Mississippi surely wins the vote for being the ultimate destination to pursue your degree in healthcare administration.

Schools in Mississippi: 

The Big Positives

However this in no way means that your  time as a student learning the ropes of healthcare administration is full of thorns and challenges. The recent legislation across United States and the Government’s commitment towards providing quality healthcare is perhaps the most important development in this regard. Not only has it brought the focus back on addressing people’s basic necessities but also the promise of cheaper healthcare has helped many individuals in learning to pay more attention to their health and wellbeing. Many times this was neglected for want of funds and proper resources coupled with lack of awareness.

It is therefore needless to mention that the new initiatives have led to more and more initiatives to build better healthcare facilities. This goes on to also boost the requirement for able healthcare administrators who could rise to the challenge and provide quality healthcare. Infact the recent studies indicate that the job prospects in the state may rise close to 19% by 2022. This rate of growth is close to the highest recorded appreciation numbers across the state.

Even in terms of salary outlook, the northward surge is quite pointed. The 2015 median salary is over $76,000 annually. This is in sync with the overall national average and extremely encouraging for many who are ready to commit themselves to the cause of community wellness.

The easy availability of scholarships and financial grants is an additional positive for wanting to accept the remote challenges and below par facilities available in Mississippi. The Mississippi Rural Health Association provides scholarships to those willing to master the challenges of rural healthcare. The Mississippi Office of Rural Health also funds several grants and scholarships. The Health Care Professions Loan/Scholarship is another option and undergraduate students could be awarded up to $1,500 for two years in a row. The only condition is they have to complete one year of community service on graduation.