2016’s List of Prestigious MHA Degree Programs

top-30-mha-degree-programsWith the expanding healthcare industries comes the need for trained professionals in leadership and management. This has forced professionals to abandon the idea of being comfortable with a bachelor’s degree and pursue their master’s in order to compete with the growing demand for highly skilled healthcare managers.

Masters in Healthcare administration, or in other words MHA is a professional degree on a master’s level that is chosen by students of this stream. A master’s degree in the healthcare sector will give you the knowledge and competencies that are usually needed for superior careers in the healthcare administration. This can include hospitals, clinics, hospices and other organization that reach out to the welfare of the public as a whole.

Below is a list of note- worthy programs to choose from in order to pave the way for a successful career in healthcare administration. Programs were selected by the virtue of their quality, types of courses offered, faculty strength, awards, and over all reputation.

Mississippi College

Earn Your Health Administration Degree

This university promise to give the pursuers of the Masters of Health Services Administration degree a diverse background of knowledge and skills through which they can excel professional. It also promises to prepare students to forge ahead in new dimensions of their profession and make them stand out from the rest.

Their Masters of Health Services Administration is flexible in the sense that it is designed to meet the varying needs of healthcare professionals both locally and globally. They rotate topics and seminars yearly, and as a condition for graduation, it is expected that students present their convocation paper.

Clarkson College

Health Information Management

If you prefer not to sit in a traditional classroom, then an online program may be what you require. Clarkson College offer a wide assortment of programs that will equip you with the knowledge and skills for collecting, coding, managing, securing, and transferring electronic health data. It promises to help you whether you are new to the field of health information management (HIM) or already on your path to success. 

Roberts Weslyan College

Healthcare Informatics Administration, M.S.

This program is unique is the sense that it offers an amalgamation of the technical knowledge of Medical Informatics degree and the business and leadership skills of the health the Health Administration degree to prepare you to function effectively as a healthcare administrator. It was also designed to bridge the gap between clinical, non-clinical, and IT healthcare professionals. You do not need to have a technical background to start this program.

Sacred Heart University

Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics

The technology boom has been infiltrating even the healthcare system and is totally transforming the industry. Healthcare information technology (IT) has been restructuring care and drastically improving outcomes. Sacred Heart University promises to help you with the knowledge and skills necessary to keep abreast with technology in the healthcare industry through their Master’s Degree of Science in Healthcare Informatics program. Joining this program will adequately prepare you to be more accountable and at the same time keep up with the technological revolution. 

Marshall University

Healthcare Administration

The Healthcare Administration program offered at Marshall University provides its students with the necessary background for a successful career in healthcare administration. If you are interested in a MBA and you are interested in learning about healthcare administration this is the program for you. They offer electives in areas such as management, information technology, finance, and the legal aspects of healthcare.

University of Washington

Master of Health Administration

Boasted for years as being a national leader in healthcare administration training, this program offered at University of Washington promises to train healthcare leaders of tomorrow with their two- year, full time program for early career professionals. It will equip you with the knowledge and skills that are needed to kick start your healthcare administration career.

Baylor University

Offering you a chance to earn a dual degree, the MHA/MBA program at Baylor is a top ranked, nationally accredited program. It involves a one year residency at one of America’s top hospitals. 

UAB School of Health Professions

Master of Science in Health Administration (MSHA)

With a mission to develop leaders to shape tomorrow’s healthcare through an exceptional master’s-level educational experience, the Master of Science in Health Administration (MSHA) offered at UAB School of Health Professions promises to prepare you for a successful career in healthcare administration.

Rush University

Offering an innovative, world-class education, Rush University’s health systems management (HSM) programs promises to provide you with comprehensive in- depth knowledge and skills in every area of healthcare service management. All within the setting of an elite medical center.

University of Washington

Executive Master of Health Administration

This program is specially designed for mid- career professionals. It is a two-year, part time program that equips its students with the training necessary to take on mid to senior level leadership position and to make a positive impact on tomorrow’s healthcare..

Portland State University

Master of Public Health: Health Management and Policy

By combining broad training in public health with specific training in health management and policy, the Master of Public Health in Health Management and Policy (MPH:HMP) promises to prepare graduates for a wide range of careers in health services administration, planning, policy, evaluation, consulting, and related careers. The main aim of this program is to provide leadership in the fields of education, research, and service in all aspects of the public’s health.

You also have the options to complete the MPH in a joint degree format with the MSW, MPA, and other PSU graduate degrees.

Weber State University

Master of Health Administration

If you are interested in advancing your career in health care, then pursuing a Master of Health Administration at Weber State University is your first step. It is one of the top 50 programs (Resource: usnews.com) in the nation and leads the nation in affordability and innovation.

Focusing on personal and professional development, enhancing your technical knowledge and skills, the program offers training in areas of Management, Interpersonal communication, Organization, and Critical thinking.


Master of Health Administration (MHA) at Penn State

Founded on the virtues of Integrity, Empathy, Leadership, and Innovation, the Penn State M.H.A. program aspires to instill these core values in every student. There is a residential program and an online program.

Washington University- School of public Health

Master of Public Health

If you desire training to become an effective problem solver, innovator, advocate, and all round leaders in addressing community health problem, this is the program and university for you. It involves problem- based and service learning. It promises to prepare its graduates to function in a variety of areas such as managed agency care, community and public agencies, federal programs, advocacy associations.

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Master’s in health science

Looking to advance you career in healthcare needs and administration and management? The Master’s in health science offered at the University of Texas is a great program to consider. This program promises to set you apart from others vying for positions in healthcare accounting and management.

California State University

Masters of Public Health

Boasted as one of the most accredited programs in California, the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program promises to equip its students with the crucial knowledge and skills in areas of administration, public health, and radiologic technology. The department’s mission is “to enable students to develop the critical knowledge and skills required to assume responsibility and leadership in health promotion, disease prevention, administration and clinical practice.”

Friends University

Health Care Leadership

The master of health care leadership (MHCL) was the first master’s degree specifically directed at leadership in health care administration in Wichita. The MHCL degree provides appropriate, high quality curriculum to prepare students to take the board exam for fellowship. Joining this program will give you an edge to advance in the healthcare industry.

Drexel University – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Health Administration Program

Drexel is a private research university with three campuses located in Philadelphia, Sacramento, and California. There are two ways in which you can earn a degree in Healthcare Management. You can choose a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program with a concentration in Healthcare Management or Pharmaceutical Management at the LeBow College of Business or you can opt for the College of

Xavier University – Cincinnati, Ohio

Master of Health Services Administration

Being a co-educational Jesuit, Catholic university and the sixth-oldest Catholic and fourth-oldest Jesuit University in the nation, Xavier University is well respected.  The Master of Health Services Administration degree program was designed for students with the drive to make a difference in the field of health services. Apart from the core curriculum, students are required to complete an administrative residency or practicum experience.

University of Maryland – College Park

Master of Health Administration and Master of Public Health

The University of Maryland, School of Public Health offers programs in both the Master of Health Administration and the Master of Public Health. These programs aid in the preparation of students for careers in the healthcare industry. It also equips its students with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct research and provide healthcare direct service. The aim of this program is to train professionals to help strengthen healthcare delivery systems and their management.

University of Maryland – Baltimore, Maryland

Master of Science in Health Science and Master of Health Information Technology

If you desire to pursue you masters in the comfort of you home, this program may suit you. Offered in conjunction with the Anne Arundel Community College Physician Assistant Program, it is designed to prepare students for effective functioning in the healthcare arena. Its training will be useful both in direct care and behind the scene.

Tulane University – New Orleans, Louisiana

The School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine

Master of Health Administration and Master of Public Health

Offering both a Master of Health Administration (MHA) as well as a Master of Public Health degree, this program offers students the most widely accepted Healthcare Management Degree in the United States Healthcare System. Graduates of this program are qualified for employment within public and private hospitals, ambulatory care organizations, long-term care institutions, health maintenance organizations, insurance companies, multi-institutional systems, and other organizations concerned with the planning, delivery, and financing of personal health services.

Indiana University – Purdue University – Indianapolis, Indiana

College of Health and Human Sciences

Master of Public Health and Master of Science

Established since 1969, the Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) is the leading urban campus of Indiana University and Purdue University. The Fairbanks School of Public Health offers the Public Health major to comprehensively train students for careers in planning, implementing, and evaluating public health programs for individuals, groups, and populations in a variety of settings that include worksites, hospitals, schools, and communities. Touted as being very affordable, the Graduate Healthcare Management degree program aims to equip a highly skilled public health workforce that can adapt to changes and stay on top of modifications as they arise.

George Mason University – Fairfax, Virginia

College of Health and Human Services

Master of Health Administration and Master of Science

Being repeatedly recognized for its innovative and cutting edge curriculum, the Master of Health Administration and Master of Science offers students the information and training needed to succeed within global healthcare systems. Their mission is “to provide education, service and research that contribute to improving the quality of care and delivery of healthcare services.”  The faculty aims to prepare students for careers as executives and managers in acute and ambulatory care and senior housing/assisted living organizations, as well as specialists in health information systems and health informatics, healthcare risk management, and health policy and research.

Boston University – Boston, Massachusetts

The School of Public Health offers graduate students a range of options for how and where they would like to earn their degree. These options include overseas exchange programs and research opportunities to several dual degrees. Additionally, each student can cater their Public Health degree to suit their future career. This program promises each student an educational foundation that will be the start of an exciting career in Healthcare Management.

San Diego State University – San Diego, California

Graduate School of Public Health

Master of Public Health

As part of the increased focus on health and human services, the San Diego State University, Master of Public Health program is designed to train healthcare professionals to meet the demand for quality management. With emphasis on “education, research, and community involvement to advance the state of knowledge in different health disciplines and to improve the population’s health,” the school promises to help graduates become an integral part of an effective healthcare system.

Hofstra University

Master of Health Administration

Promising to provide its students an innovative curriculum that will equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a healthcare administration leader, The Master of Health Administration

Program is fully accredited. It provides training in how to apply evidence based, critical thinking to health care service delivery. Additionally, you will be able to rapidly analyze health care problems and come up with logical solutions to boost their quality while also reducing costs.

Harvard University

Master of Health Policy and Management

Offering a prestigious, high quality Master of Health Policy and Management, the University provides superior administrative skills to professionals who have or pursuing leading positions in many types of health care organizations. This program is designed to solve the most compelling and important challenges in health industry. The training includes making care delivery more efficient, expanding health care services to the neediest, and also improving the design of health systems.

University of Cincinnati

Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA)

This program is designed for those desirous of studying online. It is aimed at preparing working professionals with the knowledge and leadership skills necessary to become competent in healthcare management. This program offers interactive training in a virtual setting through which students to learn and practice their skills. Some areas of training include health policy, legal and ethical issues, finance and principals in health systems management, and leadership.

Colorado State University- Global Campus

Master’s in Healthcare Administration and Management

This is also an online Master’s in Healthcare Administration and Management degree program. It gives its students the option to select a specialization of four courses in fields relevant to their career. Some of the areas to choose from include: applied business management, strategic management, criminal justice leader, information technology, and international management.


Always keep in mind that the employers/ providers give first priority to degree holders, especially professional master degree holder in the field. This again is the case in most fields when doing a professional course.

There is information received from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that hospitals are the leading the race with about 30 per cent employment of Healthcare Administrators. With the significant rise that is recorded in the health care sector, a job would be the least of one’s worry when one has finished the master’s degree in the same.

One important tip while choosing to get into a master’s college is to choose a college with an accreditation. The plus side of doing a course that is accredited is that you will have an advantage over the other students and will also push you into finishing applied experiences as well as the study that would be required by theory. So you will end up having gained much more experience in the field. The course will expose you to several fields such as health care economics, management and organization of healthcare sectors, marketing and communication in the healthcare setting, operations, assessments, information and improvement, analysis and application statistically, implementation and formulation of  strategies and so on.

By researching you degree beforehand, and going through the colleges, schools and prospectus of the same, you can make sure that you’ve made the choice that will stay with you through the lifetime. Choosing a school that will expose you in the field will be the right fit when getting the most out of a degree in health care management.