Increase Your Knowledge On Healthcare Department With Zenobia Khavarian

Zenobia Khavarian Zenobia Khavarian is now working with Northwest Community Healthcare, as the best healthcare administrator, of all time. Earlier, he was associated with Suburban Medical Center, Marlik Group Co and Suburban Lung Associates and Family practice. He got his education certificate from Harper College. He was cordially invited for a round of interview, to answer positive questions and help aspiring students, to know more about the healthcare field.

Board: What, according to you, is the most challenging task of healthcare administrator?

Zenobia:  If you ask me, the most challenging task is to work with diverse clients. Being a healthcare administrator, I have to cater to various needs of clients as my main priority is to work with them and in their manner, only. Moreover, you have to work proficiently with the organization, with dedicated services.

Board: Did you work as an Epic credential trainer?

Zenobia: Yes, I was an epic credential trainer with Northwest Community Healthcare, where I am associated now. I am to be held responsible for training and leading the epic beaker application with the end user classroom. Moreover, I worked closely with the Epic team and Instructional designer.

Board: What other forms did you have to follow?

Zenobia: Other than working with the entire team, I also set various training classes to facilitate quality control and with administering proficiency assessment and with class evaluation. I was developed some support and training materials.

Board: How was your experience while working with EMR?

Zenobia: Being a professional, working with EMR, I am now experienced in working with various technologies. From Allscripts to Touchworks, I am now experienced in dealing with everything, associated with modern technology.

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Board: How do you want to describe your role as lead CMA?

Zenobia:  when I was appointed as lead CMA, I was not well acquainted with the tasks before.  But, later I realized that my primary task was to train new employees. I had to work with EMR solutions and electronic prescribing areas.

Board: What are your clinical skills now?

Zenobia: After working with Suburban Medical Center, I gathered some proficient clinical skills. I have developed excellent phlebotomy skills with peak flow and shots. Some of the other services are PPD, PFT, Vitals, ECG, UA, suture removal, assistance in official procedures and more.

Zenobia Khavarian is always asking the students to concentrate well on what they are learning. Without perfect determination, it becomes very hard to excel in this segment, well. Therefore, you need to love the project well; you are assigned to.

Board: What are the best externships for you?

Zenobia: I was appointed with Suburban Lung Associates as office administration, which is the best externship idea, I have. Here, I got the chance to work with different pulmonologists, an allergist and sleep medicine providers and performed various forms of immunizations and allergy testing. I also worked with family medicine physician.