MHA In Idaho: Taking On The Challenge

US is almost a conglomeration of many myriad challenges. Every state has some unique features that make it stand out or turn out to be the key catalyst for its growth. Idaho for that matter is one of the most sparsely populated states in the country with most residents having very limited access to healthcare institutions. For a healthcare administrator in this situation the challenge is not just about running an organisation effectively but also ensuring that all those who need medical attention, in whatever remote location they might be in, are able to access it.

Top 10 Healthcare Administration Schools in Idaho:

The Broad Outlook

As per some recent studies, Idaho is set to see a huge rise in medical care receivers and patients as direct fallout of the implementation of Affordable Care Act countrywide. Nearly 80,000 people have already enrolled in many healthcare plans which are part of this Act. Given this huge influx, Idaho government machinery is already working overtime in creating the kind of infrastructure that is needed to cater to the growing number of patients efficiently and in the shortest possible time. This also means that all these new infrastructure would also need significant amount of healthcare administrators who would be qualified to handle these.

  • Job Openings: Overall the healthcare industry in Idaho is set to grow exponentially and may even see 25% growth over a 5-6 year period. This means the responding salaries too would see a significant jump. The current average salary for medical administrators is already hovering around $73,000 and is slated to rise steeply given the exponential rise in job opportunities across the state in general.
  • Funding Opportunities: There is further good news for potential aspirants. If lack of fund was what was stopping you, then worry no more. There are quite a few scholarships available specifically for healthcare management students within the state. Some of the marquee names include the Alvie C. Jeffres Memorial Scholarship, the Carol Ormond Scholarship and Sonja Tarnay Educational Scholarship. The Idaho Public Health Association awards $500 scholarships every year apart from the 60 plus scholarships available through the Idaho Community Foundation. The Idaho Freedom Scholarships, Education Incentive Loan Forgiveness Program and Governor’s Cup Scholarships are other potential avenues for exploring.
  • Medical Tourism: Another unique Idaho feature is the rising numbers of medical tourists. The affordable medical costs have attracted several patients from outside the state and the country and an efficient Medical Administrators stands a good chance to grab the opportunity and capitalise it to their benefit.

Here is a comprehensive list of all the schools across Idaho which offer programs for Medical Administrators. You simply have to click and lock your successful future.