Gerontology/ Long Term Care Programs

To start from etymology, Gerontology translates to ‘Study of old men’ in Greek. To expand more about this, it would include the biological, social and psychological aspects of ageing and taking care of them. As a home nurse administrator in a Gerontology or Long Term Care Program, you will often find yourself being in situations where you will have to work with the family members of the old and those who are not able to take care for themselves. This is a vocation that needs extremes of empathy and calm, patient and an understanding mind. Every individual is unique and catering to their every need is beyond taxing, but always worth it. This being the case, your daily routine will be everything but boring and routine. Each person possesses a different ability and catering to them will be your most important challenge.

Best Gerontology Schools in USA

  • What is the requiem for doing Gerontology/ Long Term Care?

Even with the blooming industry like the healthcare industry, finding a good position in nursing care administration can be a bit of a task. This will surely take the golden combination of education with experience and that is definitely something that is attainable. For basics, a minimum of a bachelors’ degree will be required. This can be in the field of healthcare administration as well. Being a nurse care administrator is not a simple job and will necessitate the knowledge of everything under the sun and so including several tasks like learning from gerontology to finance can always come in handy.

  • What about the experience that will be gained?

To add to this, nurse care administrators are to demonstrate their experience in health care management as well. This can be easily covered in an old age home where there is a lot to be learnt by just the lifestyle. Personal learning can be a goal that is used for better understanding the situation and the people in it, especially in this situation. Since most nursing homes are in a private setting, they have certain rules and routines for what a definition would be for a good nursing administrator.

  • What is the kind of education that is usually covered?

Talking about education, a master’s education in nursing and/ or a program done in nursing or gerontology can help you when working with older adults. Knowing and realizing that their needs completely vary and that one has to be flexible and motivated to work with them, can bring them a long way.

  • Explain the career outlook for Gerontology/ Long term care outlook?

Surprisingly, the surveys conducted by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics calculated a mean wage of $101,340 per annum! This was for nursing home administrators, who usually have a lot on their plate, and gerontology is one of the things they handle. To get to a better level, education always helps. A Masters’ degree can facilitate in bagging those extra dollars and so can a bit more experience with it!

It is not secret that the population is ageing day by day and care has to be present as the numbers increase. The result of this will obviously be an escalation in need of jobs and most definitely, gerontology will be a huge part of it.

To add on to this, you also have a wide variety of online programs to choose from. Now there are several universities offering numerous programs and courses which you can learn and avail at the click of a button in the comfort of your own home. I think his possibly gives you all the more reason to go ahead with gerontology/ long term care programs!