Georgetown University MHA: A Comprehensive Approach

georgetown universitySituated in Washington D.C.’s Georgetown neighborhood, this private Jesuit University was founded in 1789. One of the oldest catholic universities in US, it offers up to 180 academic programs and has 3 graduate and professional schools. Though the main campus is in Georgetown, it has additional campus in Italy, Turkey and Qatar along with a law centre in Capitol Hill.

Their School of Nursing and Health Studies is a vibrant centre of innovative and committed service to the community and fosters a brilliant spirit of researching health care initiatives that benefit the entire society.

Why Pursue The MHA?

This full-time master’s program in health systems administration takes the overall benchmark in the healthcare administration to a completely new level. They are constantly innovating measures to improve the delivery mechanism.

The institute is not just committed to creating world class professionals but the course also incorporates strong Jesuit values that are focused in bringing about an overall development in an individual’s personality.

The vision of this course includes:

  • Providing cutting edge health system education
  • Focused research on enhancing the quality of health care,
  • Consistent commitment to social justice

No wonder this full time master’s course is nationally ranked and employs a broad systems approach. It is accredited by the renowned Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education.

The Course Objectives

The MHA course at the Georgetown University is so designed that it offers aspirants competence based course modules and also helps them in gaining a higher degree of practical approach through this training mechanism.

Focus is essentially on giving them the kind of coaching that enhances values like care and leadership amongst them. The faculty engages in deep discussion with the students and can be counted amongst the leading luminaries in the healthcare industries.

The relative smaller class sizes also ensure a far more individual-based and give the students a lot more opportunity for a closer interaction with the students. Students also get to participate in knowledge enhancing initiatives like seminars and the like.

What Are The Pre-requisites?

The primary pre-requisites of course include a bachelors program from an accredited institution. All aspirants need to also properly fill in the application forms, pay the fees and include their current resume. Apart from this they also need:

  • Three letter of recommendation
  • Official transcript of all coursework undertaken thus far
  • GRE/GMAT scores as specified by the University
  • A statement of purpose