George Mason University MHA

George Mason University (mostly referred as GMU or Mason) is a highly esteemed public institution located in a Fairfax county, Virginia, United States, South of and next to the city of Fairfax. It has many additional campuses which are located nearby in Arlington County, Prince William County, and Loudoun County. It is a university that enables students to create connections and gives them the best experience. MHA is a professional degree that is awarded to students who have finished studying courses related to health administration. Health administration comprises many things including consulting or infrastructure and management of hospitals and other health care facilities. George Mason University is a university that never stops growing, it is a university that keeps up with the changes related to health and healthcare.

It is a university with a mission to provide students with skills and tools necessary to work as leaders and executive-level managers in evolving health systems, health issues, policy analysts or consultants. As it is well known that Administration (MHA) is only awarded to those students who are done studying courses related to health administration. The curriculum was developed in response for advanced health management and policy preparation for many health care and related health professionals. Five major concentrations are offered at George Mason University: executive management, health information systems, health care security and privacy, health policy analysis, also risk management and patient safety.

It has included concepts from many disciplines such as business management, economics philosophy, organizational aspects, ICT, law and also ethics. This is because health and ethics concepts uniquely apply to health systems. The interdisciplinary curriculum is designed to prepare graduates with an understanding of the larger global health and economic contexts in which the U.S. health system uses. It provides the working professionals with leadership knowledge and managerial skills and abilities that contribute to improving the efficiency of the health systems and alignment of decisions and the tools to plan organizational and health-related policy goals. Students are able to study social imperatives for access health services and the feasibility, need, and ways of market forces.

George Mason University helps provides the best MHA program to students. It helps them get ready for the job market; this is through good learning system and curriculum that covers all aspects related to health and healthcare. The admission requirements include: At least three years of recent leadership experience in a health or equivalent management, public policy, or technology field. If you have this you are eligible to apply. All applicants must submit transcripts from all previous college-level studies; they must also submit a letter of interest clearly indicating study goals, a curriculum vita, and a comprehensive Mason graduate admission form. GRE or GMAT scores may be requested if the applicant does not have a graduate degree nor has an undergraduate GPA lower than a 3.00.  It is a fare selection but very competitive.

The students who gain admission begin studying in January and August each year. Provisional admission can be made for students who have GPA lower than 3.00, but have a high likelihood of success in graduate work.