Connecticut: Phenomenal Rise In Job Openings For Health Administrators

The Connecticut healthcare space is exploding with opportunities. The expectation is that close to 6000 healthcare professionals will be working in the state by 2020. Specifically for healthcare administrators this directly translates into 200 job openings every year. In an economy that is struggling to get back to its pre-Lehman growth rate, this is not only heartening development but ensures that healthcare management is soon opening up into a much sought after career option for many individuals across several spheres of the society. With many major cities in Connecticut like Hartford and Bridgeport too are showing a need for significant healthcare facilities and efficient management of these become necessary.

Top Rated Schools in Connecticut

Why Connecticut Is Steaming With Opportunity?

It is very important for an individual to look at various factors before deciding on a specific school. There are many factors like whether they want to attend on campus classes or prefer an online module, whether the tuition rates are affordable and most importantly whether they qualify for the institution and its financial aid programmes. The wide plethora of choices in Connecticut is an added positive.

  • Rate Of Jobs Growth Rising: Despite its relative smaller size, there is steady growth in the rate of job opportunities for healthcare administrators. This is essentially because this state is home to many businesses in the healthcare arena and all of them rely on effective and efficient management for running them successfully. Individuals get an opportunity to work in numerous facilities including public healthcare facilities, private clinics and many medical centre. Research pegs the rate of growth at 19% in the next couple of years.
  • Higher Salary Options: Following the basics of economics, the salary of healthcare administrators in Connecticut is also pointing northwards. As of now the mean average salary is over $100,000 per year. This is at par with the national mean with a significant positive bias.
  • Financial Aid: The prospect of getting financial aid in several of the institutes that do offer this program is a big positive. It means for many who might be taking a back step just because of funding problems could also take a step forward. Some of the noteworthy state sponsored scholarships here include Connecticut Aid for Public Colleges Students program, Connecticut Independent College Student Grant and Capitol Scholarship program.

So it is time for you to make a choice in the institute you want to pursue and take advantage of the rising opportunities in Connecticut. Here is our comprehensive list of the school that offer healthcare administration or MHA programs.