Top 10 Cheapest Online Bachelor’s degrees in the US

cheapest online bachelors degreeThe high costs of education in the US have shifted people in gaining affordable degree programs. Known colleges and universities concluded that the flexibility and affordability are among the top criteria of today’s people search for higher education. Many educational institutions and providing cheap courses online, but you can also find great-valued colleges that give regular in-door education at low prices. We listed the top 10 universities and colleges that provide bachelor’s degree at the cheapest price in the US.

Western Governors university

Western Governors university

Western Governors University works for all kinds of adults. It provides bachelor’s and masters degrees, with applicants being required to submit official transcripts and pass an interview with an enrollment counselor. There is no GPA or SAT/ACT score requirement for enrollment. The degrees offered at WGU include Interdisciplinary Studies, Special Education, Engineering, Environmental Science, and Mathematics. Also, there is an Online College in Software and Network Management, Online College of Health Professions offers courses in Nursing and Healthcare Administration.

Tuition fees: $3,000 every six months

University of Wyoming

University of Wyoming

The broadly known University of Wyoming provides bachelor’s degrees through its Outreach School. Differently from WGU, the average GPA score of every applicant must be 3.0, including either score 21 at ACT or a combined SAT and critical reasoning score at 980. In addition, there are students that complete online courses in their two final years of the course. The courses offered by University of Wyoming include bachelor’s programs in Business Administration and RN or BSN Completion for nurses. Additionally, there are programs in Criminal Justice, Elementary Education and Psychology.

Tuition fees: Wyoming State residents pay $106 per hour of studies, whereas out-of-state students pay $152 per credit hour.



Capella University

One of the most popularly-accredited high education institutions is surely Capella University. Thousands of students are working from home, with applicants being assessed on prior academic performance, considering work experience and non-academic factors. In addition, certain students are required to provide letters of recommendation and essays. The degrees offered by CU include Business and Technology, Counselling and Psychology, Healthcare and Nursing, including Education and Public Service, with various certificates of masters and doctorates programs.

Tuition fees: $13,000, though the degree cost varies from student to student.


Columbia college - Best affordable online bachelors degree

This educational institution offers 8 weeks online sessions at 5 different times during the year. All the applicants are required to take either ACT or SAT. The pass grade should be at least above the 50% of these exams, additionally to high school GPA score of 2.5 or higher. The majority of students must take two classes at a time for two months each, with the summary of 6 credits each. Columbia College offers courses in Business, Criminal Justice, Management Information and Systems, General Studies, Human Services, Psychology and Scientology. In addition, every successful student may apply for masters of other degrees.

Tuition fees: $240 per credit hour, with students paying before each term.



Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Herzing University has expanded exponentially since the beginning of 1965. It all started from a Computer programming school offering undergraduate degrees in the majority of areas, including some of the graduate degrees. The higher institution requires applicants to interview with admissions directors and to complete a personal information form with them. Upon the interview of admission, it will be realized whether the future student is indeed fit for the university program. Each course lasts for an approximate period of four years. The programs offered include Health Information Management, Entrepreneurial Studies, with Legal Studies, Business Degrees and Information and Technology.

Tuition fees: $11,150 per academic year.


american intercontinental university - cheap online bachelor's degree

The university was found in 2002 and is an international for-profit institution. Since the beginning, AICU offered a vast amount of accredited degrees through many of its in-door and online programs. All the applicants must submit their application with a fee including a high school transcript. After student submits the necessary information, the admission director will set up an interview to make sure that the educational institution is fit for the applicant. English fluency is a must, with each program taking at least four years to be completed. The degrees that are offered include Business Administration with specialization in Accounting, Finance and Healthcare Management. There is also a program that teaches students in the Criminal Justice field, including Marketing, Fashion Retail, Fashion Design and Interior Design.

Tuition fees: $8.000 each year that is for a bachelor’s total of $36,000




This university offers programs for adult students. The admission process is not considered to be too strict. The majority of applicants can apply online by paying a small fee. There will be a telephone interview with an admission advisor to determine the eligibility of the candidate. In addition, every student must submit the school or college transcripts to improve their candidacy. The bachelor’s courses offered at CTU include Business and Management, Accounting, Finance and Healthcare Management, Computer Engineering, Nursing, Informational Technology, Web Development, Criminal Justice, Political Science and Cybercrime Investigation. The majority of bachelor’s courses take up to four years to be completed.

Tuition fee: $12,760 each year, being one of the cheapest online bachelor’s degree prices in the US.



Located in Kansas Fort Hays State University offers its students a fully-accredited bachelor’s degree with approximately 8,000 students enrolled each year. The requirements include ACT score of 21 or a comparable SAT score. Those students that do not meet such requirements must a GPA of at least 2.0 and be in the top of their one-third graduating class. The degrees that are offered by FHSU include Justice Studies and Management, Philosophy, Marketing, Hospitality and Management. All the students mu also customize a degree program with the General Studies degree.

Tuition fee: $4,233 per academic year


Oregon State University - Ecampus

Oregon State University provides its students with 16 undergraduate degrees. The educational establishment has quite strict admission requirements. Students must provide a result of at least 3.0 GPA within 15 subject areas. In addition, the to-be students must fill out an insight resume, including short essay questions. And two years of foreign language is also necessary. The bachelor’s degrees take 4 years to be completed. The courses include Agricultural Science, Human Development, Psychology, Political Science, Geography and Sociology.

Tuition fees: $260 per credit hour, including an additional distance education fee, with in/out-of-state differentiation.