Boston University MBA In Health Administration: Get The Edge Against Competition

Boston university - MBA in Healthcare AdministrationThe very mention of Boston often conjures up images of academic brilliance. An educational hub and powerhouse of entrepreneurial resources, the Boston University houses about 60 colleges and universities with over 250,000 students enrolling every year.

The MBA in Healthcare Administration is a 2-year MBA course from the Questrom School Of Business. Students get an opportunity to expand their skills and chart new territories in terms of managerial expertise. Ranked 17th on an overall basis, this MBA program is the only one that has earned CAHME or the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education accreditation is the entire New England region.

Why Choose MBA In Heath Administration?

This full time MBA course offered by the Questrom School of Business is a highly interactive course module.

  • It addresses the dynamics of global business and helps students adapt to it
  • A cohort is assigned to students in the first year
  • One cohort is assigned to a group of 50-55 students
  • Students tend to develop a close bond with their cohort colleagues
  • Cohorts also enable a more coordinated and comprehensive dispensing of class work and information

The additional benefit is the MBA Summer Internship that not just enables students gain real life experience but also develops relevant connections that boost their career moves later in life. Needless to mention it enhances networking as well.

What Is The Course Structure?

Students have multiple options to pursue the MBA in Health Administration. They can choose between:

  • Full Time MBA: This is a 2-year course with no option of distance learning. The experienced faculty and the quality classroom curriculum assist students in honing their skills.
  • Professional MBA In Evening: Designed for professionals who are not in a position to attend full time courses, the quality of education is at par with the full time one. The same faculty teaches and the perks and facilities are geared to help these working students.

What Are The Pre-requisites?

Apart from the current resume and the application form online, students need several other conditions to qualify for this unique MBA program:

  • GMAT or GRE test scores that are nit more than 5-year old preceding the date of application
  • Transcript of all coursework that is completed
  • Bachelor degree recognised by an accredited institutions
  • 2 letters of recommendation

Students must remember that they can only submit one application every term.