Armstrong Atlantic State University

Armstrong Atlantic State University

Armstrong Atlantic State University

The Armstrong Atlantic State University was founded in 1935 and is part of the University System Of Georgia. The Master Of Health Service Administration offered by the University aims students to take on leadership role in health services area across the country.

This course aims to provide:

  • Harness overall educational innovation in the classroom environment
  • Involve and engage community
  • Celebrate the diversity and undertake program improvement initiatives
  • Create student-centered educational programming

It is envisaged to become one of the leading source of providing quality healthcare administrators in the region and across the country. The Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA) degree is accredited by the CAHME.

Why Choose The MHSA Degree?

The objective of the course essentially incorporates providing expertise to students in the field of health administration. The students pursuing the course are made to understand the

  • Basic organizational elements of Health administration
  • Create an impetus to master the financial, legal and managerial elements
  • Evolve dynamic health care delivery system

With a record of 100% employment for students earning their MHSA degree, the Armstrong Atlantic State University designs a programme that is well equipped to take advantage of the current demand for professionals in the health administration sector. Some of the key highlights of the course include

  • Personalised academic plan
  • Accessible faculty
  • Small class size and one to one attention for students
  • Well experienced faculty

What Are The Pre-Requisites?

So what are the pre-requisites for the students to qualify for the MHSA course? At the very behest application needs to be via the centralised application procedure, HAMPCAS.

  • Students need to have a qualifying GRE/GMAT score
  • Students also need to attach the letter of intent and the career goals that they intend to pursue
  • Submit official documents of all schools attended thus far

The Department of Health Sciences’ MHSA Program Coordinator is the go to person in terms of getting any other relevant information with regards to the admission procedure.


Advantages For Students

Students who earn the MHSA degree from Armstrong not just gain in terms of academic qualification but also see a significant bum-up in their salary expectation. The guaranteed 91% placement and a wide range of career options that open up provide a golden opportunity for Administration Service aspirants, especially in the given fragile economic condition and the overall stretched financial sector.