Arizona State University MHA

Arizona State University is found in the larger area of Phoenix metropolitan and it is a top ranked public research university. Its location is a suitable environment for students to create connections and learn through those experiences. Master of Health Administration (MHA) is a professional degree awarded to students who have completed studying courses relating to health administration. Some of the things involved in health administration include public health consulting or infrastructure and management of hospitals or other healthcare facilities. This university is progressing and keeping up with changes found in the field of health and healthcare. Its mission is to provide students with quality education with real life experiences as well as connections in different health related fields.

The MHA program explores every aspect of managing healthcare facilities to provide high quality care and better results at an affordable cost, including project management, supply management, human resources, finance etc. Case studies from healthcare or other organizations can be used to solidify the concept. If you want to become a senior manager in the growing field of healthcare management, then you should complete a master’s degree. The MHA program which is often known by different names in other universities, including Master of Public Health, which focuses on public policy problems or Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA), which focuses on business. Some common areas of specialization include finance, communication and marketing, policy development, outpatient services, informatics and information technology, gerontology and operations management.

Arizona state university offers a Public Health Administration and Policy (PHAP) program or a Master of Public health which is a 44 credit program that can be completed by student living near the area of Phoenix. Students can get an MPH degree by taking in-person lessons at the Arizona State University campus and online classes from University of Minnesota. Students who want to work with government agencies, private or nonprofit health care institutes can take this program. There are a number of core courses required for a Master of Health Administration, some of the common topics include financial management, economics for policy and planning, leadership, medical law and accounting. Other subjects include research trends and operations, human behavior, organizational theory, strategic management, health information systems, statistics and marketing in the health industry. Students taking this program are prepared to:

  • Evaluate, lead and manage public health programs or agencies
  • Examine, inform and update public policy that affects population health
  • Design and execute research to facts-based decision making

MHA or MPH graduates can take administrative positions in public health care institutes at the international, state, federal or local level in voluntary health organizations, managed care plans, mental health agencies and planning agencies. Other places they can work include human services institutes, community clinics, managed care plans, long-term care agencies, international health organizations and other health care delivery settings.