Why Alaska Could Be The Best Destination For MHA Degree?

Often referred to as “The Last Frontier” and also the “Land of the Midnight Sun,” Alaska is located on the extreme northern corner of United States.  With a coastline longer that that of the combined length of the other states, it is also the fourth least populated state in the country. Though more popular as a tourist destination and a favourite haunt of all those in love with extreme sports, it has also made a mark as a cool academic destination with a special attention to healthcare administration.

Top Healthcare Administration Schools in Alaska : 

Rising Opportunities In Alaska

Given the sparse population and extreme weather condition, effective and timely patient care is crucial across Alaska and often an extremely rewarding profession.

  • Higher Job Prospects: Given the overall demand for trained healthcare administrators all over the country, Alaska stands out as one with the highest demand. It has one with the strongest projected demand for trained healthcare administrators with an estimated 26% growth anticipated over the next ten years. From the extreme rural regions of Alaska to large cities like Juneau and Anchorage are all seeing a rising need for healthcare administrators.
  • Locational Advantage: There are some unique healthcare issues in Alaska and specialised training is a necessity. A healthcare administration degree empowers a professional with the required skill set for effective establishment of rehabilitation centers, care for remote areas and other public health programs. Studies indicate the demand for administrators is steadily on the rise and might jump nearly 20% in the next five years. The average income for healthcare administrators in Alaska at $103,700 is also significantly higher than the US national average as a result of the rising demand and the shortage of qualified professionals readily.
  • Funding Benefit: Healthcare Administration degrees do not come cheap and can often be a strain on one’s resources. By choosing to study health administration in Alaska, students can access many. Some of the noted scholarships include ones offered by The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium and the prestigious $1000/year worth Richard Tilden Health Education Scholarship. There are also several other state specific education grants and undergraduate programs too.

Therefore without doubt earning the healthcare administration degree in Alaska can position you to be in the forefront of the healthcare landscape in the region. . Here is a look at some of the top schools in the state that offer the Masters in Healthcare Administration course.