Healthcare Administration Degree- The door to opportunities that build your dream career!

Healthcare administration, are you wondering if this is your cup of tea? Do you want to make a difference in the society? Perhaps dreaming of a career with a high earning potential? With flexibility and a clear social mission in mind, a future in healthcare administration would be what you need to be looking at. Being in this sector, you will be focusing on the details that run a hospital or any kind of health care system. Being a healthcare administrator will imply that you have a well trained and strong background in healthcare as well as management.

Best 10 Healthcare Administration Schools in USA – 2017

It’s not every job that ends up on the Forbes list of Best Master Degrees and with a mid career mean of $87,000, need I speak more about how much more dreamy this field is? This lucrative career has projected an employment increase by 22%, according to Forbes! This would mean that almost 100,000 healthcare administrators will be in demand by the year 2016. If you are the kind of person who likes to work in the healthcare industry but does not like to pursue a career in the clinical line, being a healthcare administrator might just be the salvation to your impending dreams.

Having said that, the duties of a healthcare administrator is vast, important and varied. The basic tasks would be to coordinate the activities of health care organizations, corporations, doctor’s offices, creating goals as well as strategies that help achieve them, budgeting, marketing, communication to all employees and so on. This is definitely a job that will challenge you at every step and keep building you as a person!

Why should this be a potential career for me?

Not only is the health care industry one of the fastest growing the world, but this is a field in the broad spectrum of healthcare that is not entirely clinical (so that means that the hard work of studying to be a doctor is successfully avoided) at the same time it brings you the satisfaction of working in the same setting, for a good remuneration, with wonderful people around working for a cause- to make this world a safer and better place!

Let me give you four more reasons as to why this would be the career for you:

  • Strong Job Security: Money surely doesn’t buy you happiness, but a good career with security will definitely fulfill a lot of your dreams which in turn will make you happy. This little twisted trick of life is what a lot of inspiring youth look for from a job. Although job security seems like a far-fetched idea in today’s world, there is the silver lining that appears in the dark cloud that is economy: health care facilities. Yes, healthcare is on the rise and is blooming, making more and more opportunities for young enthusiasts in the field. With the constant ups and downs in the country, this is the golden egg that you shouldn’t lose. Even during recession, healthcare is always up and rising which in turn offers you stability through life.
  • Guarantee of employment: according to recent studies and statistics, health care administrators held 303,000 jobs in the year of 2010 and also suggest that due to the rise in demand of the health sector, there will be 68,000 more vacancies in the year of 2020! Going with the scale, by the time the baby boomer era reach their elder years, there will be a significant need for substantial healthcare, again proving the demand for healthcare administrators.
  • Social Contribution from your end: Since this job does not involve direct contact with patients and their care, visiting patients might be the last item on your plate. This doesn’t mean that you do not contribute to their lives at all. A health care administrator makes differences in patient’s lives on various degrees. Without you, they would not have quality in the system of working. There would not have been any efficient coordination between the healthcare facilitators causing great confusion. You are also responsible for making the programs in the center which again includes outreach programs as well, touching several more lives. And finally, understand that it will be your magic that will bring life to the health care center that you will be working for. You will have the power to make or break someone’s life.
  • Roles that include Management: Healthcare Administrators, in other words are also called health service managers. Not only is this a field where you gain exposure as a health care professional working in the field but since you also play the role of a manager, you experience the perspective of a leader or a manager as well. Part of your duties will include making important decisions, coming up with business strategies, mentoring, influencing and attracting people. A huge part of your decisions also involve incorporating developments and efficiently running the health care center or system smoothly. Yes, the job description is much more varied and vast and will definitely depend upon your qualification, type of center, size of center, specialty, and prior experience and so on and so forth.

Okay, tell me more about the education needed?

Most fields’ in health care being rewarding, there would be substantial training programs that you I might have to take to slowly reach the end of the rainbow to get that pot of gold. There are several schools that will guide you and offer programs in training, certification and licensing. Few schools also aid is accelerated learning that helps you finish courses even sooner! There is education for health care administration available at every level, right from bachelors to the doctoral.

Usually, there are three options that will be offered to a student at the bachelor’s level while doing healthcare administration. One, a general management course; two, focusing on one particular element in the industry (long term care, ambulatory etc.); three, a specialist training in a particular are such as finance, documentation and so on.

The undergraduate degree will serve you the purpose of knowing the basics, the skills and a bit of the applied knowledge needed for a rookie entry. This will also serve as the launch pad to higher studies in the field as well. This course will also benefit students looking for a clinical career as well. So in case you feel like changing course, you always have the option to opt for something else even with the same degree.

At the Master’s level, you have the choice to choose from the wide array of specializations that are available in the field. This will include long term care administration, management in the healthcare sectors and services in the same.

Education in this field will, in general, have lesser classes and more work. You will be expected to perform well in a competitive scene and will have high outlooks from you as a student. But this is only to make the dull diamond in you polish and shine much brighter.

Another alternative to furthering in this field would also be to take up online classes. Several universities and colleges provide online classes or a combination of both online and campus classes. Choosing a plan that suits your needs will help balance out activities and also steadily improve in your career. Fortunately, you can also study part time in a few universities, when studying. More awesomeness!

Tell me more about qualifications that might be needed

It is always handy to be the needle employers are searching for in a haystack. To be the needle, getting a degree, getting into school would be of utmost importance. Health care or hospital administrators are usually expected to hold a master’s degree in the field and there are plenty of schools that provide the courses needed that will shape you into the shining ruby from the mine.

There are definitely a few things that you might need when going ahead for this course. Change is of priority when it comes to almost anything in the health sector. With the immense amount of work that is going around you every day, having a stern mind and also having the capacity to imbibe, learn and mould accordingly will be the most loved and looked for aspect as a health care administrator. Being flexible also allows lower stress with the workload that you might carry, hence, dealing with everything with an easy mind, which is crucial in a healthcare setting.

A few other traits that could help would include creativity, the sharpness of an analytical mind, the clarity of an organized plan and the flexibility to change according to situations and a logical head to balance all of these aspects on a daily basis. This career also asks from you the adeptness in communication, to all levels in an organization.

How important is licensing and/or certification in healthcare management?

Talking about certification and licensing in health care administration, a license is not considered a necessity, and this applies to a lot other areas in the health sector. Going according to state licensing, the requirements will vary depending on the state that you are in. All said and done, a license or a certification will be a stepping stone to your career. But, appropriate training is required before you appear in a certification or licensing exam. There are several institutions, which will guide you into the right path towards certification. Places such as American College of Health Care Administrators should be a choice if you are looking for long term care and assisted living as specializations, and the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management can be the option for medical practice managers.

Explain what my employment opportunities would be as a health care administrator

With the umpteen numbers of healthcare centers that are sprouting up for the care and attention of the population, there are a plethora of opportunities in this field. Health care administration is a necessity in several places such as personal clinics, hospitals, maternal care centers, nursing homes, residential centers, hospices, community care centers, physician’s offices, rehabilitation facilities…and the list goes on! Health care administrators have been classified by the ‘Department of Labor’ as one, specialists or two, generalists. Both have varied job descriptions and are of much importance in a health care setting. The duties of a generalist includes managing an entire facility, in case of a bigger facility, they will aid the head administrators and help in the smooth functioning of the several departments that work under. Generalists also manage small systems within a healthcare center.

Specialists on the other hand, are more trained to take charge of a particular department in a clinical system. Specialists are also called clinical managers and are experienced in the clinical area that they are to manage. This can be done by studying or prior experience.

What would be my compensation or salary when working as a medical or healthcare administrator?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wage that was calculated for all health care administrators came up to about $101,340, in the month of May, 2013. This being the average, the least was recorded as $55,500 and the highest median remuneration was recorded as $155, 130. While honestly saying that a degree and a certification or a licensing (in a few states) will help you gain more for the years you toiled, the average income does not look disappointing in this field.

The longer you are in the field, the higher your remuneration will be. This not only depends on your time in the area, but also the experience you had in the place, where you worked, degrees you hold et cetera. 

To summarize, being in the health care field seems to be most rewarding and apt for anyone who wishes to have a lucrative life ahead of them. Pack your bags and get ready for a promising career ahead of you!

2017 Healthcare Administration Degree Scholarship Program


Walmart-Scholarship-awardsFor many of , medicine industry has always been an alluring career prospect. Yet, the study of clinical medicine may result less affordable for some. Nowadays, you can make a successful career in the domain of Healthcare Administration and fulfill your intent of contributing to a social cause. will help one exceptional university student by giving awarding a $3000 Scholarship.

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Other requirements

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Additional Information

When can I submit the application and essay?

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